Grand opening of a new home in Denmark

GO May 2014 Flags outside the center_MG_9818

On May 23th the Taoist Tai Chi Society of Denmark celebrated the Grand Opening of the new  Center in Copenhagen. Approximately 200 guests had a splendid afternoon which included a traditional lion dance, speeches, food and demonstrations. Among the guests where representatives from the Danish Parliament, the local senior council, our neighbors and members from 14 countries from around the world.

 Amongst the speakers was PM Finn Thranum, he emphasized how the Taoist Tai Chi Society wishes to help without expecting to get something in return, and expressed how important he found it to view the human body as a whole, both body and mind. Mister Thranum was thrilled about the objectives of the society, and it uniqueness in terms of creating a bond between physical and mental health.

 A strong tradition in the Taoist Tai Chi Society is to bring greeting from the participating countries, we heard greetings in English, French, Dutch, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Slovac, Spanish, Swedish, German and Hungarian. Marsha Eberhardt, president of Fung Loy Kok  talked about the joy and importance of creating a home for the Society.

President of the Taoist Tai Chi Society of Denmark talked about how a building only becomes a home when there is a bond between the building and the society members. Without the members it is only a building – the members and the arts that we do make it the home and heart of the Society.

 Alongside speeches, music and banqueting there were Tai Chi demonstrations  opposite the center. The center is located on a busy street so many by passers had the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful art of  Taoist Tai Chiarts.

 During the grand opening we spoke to Åse Stamnes from Norway about why she came to Denmark to participate in the event. Åse talked about that it is always a big event when a country gets a new center and also that there is a strong relationship between the societies in the Scandinavian countries, where we help each other when needed and it is also important to celebrate together!

During the weekend 137 participated in the program – strengthening body and mind.

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One response to “Grand opening of a new home in Denmark

  1. Mary Carlson

    I’m so very excited to hear about this grand opening. I am associated with the Fairbanks Alaska branch and will be traveling to Copenhagen this summer to visit my family. I’ll be looking forward to meeting new tai chi friends in Copenhagen. Such a wonderful organization!

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