Many Hands Help Make A Parade in Nova Scotia North


The participants in Nova Scotia North Branch have been looking for new ways to  increase awareness of who we are and what we do within our various communities.

Last fall the suggestion was made that perhaps we could participate in the Truro Canada Day Parade, which draws many on-lookers from the town and surrounding areas.  Planning for this participation started right away.  People who were attending workshops in Orangeville volunteered to bring home flags and banners that would add excitement and colour to our parade contingent.

We decided that we needed a large banner with two carrying poles to lead our group and to show clearly who we are.  Someone donated a particularly fine, sparkling white cotton sheet.  Several others volunteered to fold and stitch the sheet so that it became a banner.  Others volunteered to stencil very carefully with black paint our name on the sheet-now-banner. It was carried with pride in the parade.

Meanwhile still others, using our current graphics package, put together and printed off stacks of leaflets.   The leaflets gave class times, where to find us, and an invitation to come and visit.

On the morning of the parade, we all met and decorated our van with the banners and flags.  Several participants who wanted to be a part of the event but could not manage the almost 2- hour parade route in 30 degree weather drove the van and handed out water to those of us who were walking.


We did some Taoist Tai Chi™ together along the route, much to the delight of the crowds, who cheered and applauded and stopped us to ask questions.

The parade morning was great fun for us all, but then, so was all of the preparation activity, the working together.  Now on to next year’s parade.  Already a list of ideas to make it bigger and better is growing.  “Eyes See, Hands Do” really works!



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2 responses to “Many Hands Help Make A Parade in Nova Scotia North

  1. ollekmo

    It was a great day. Many people were receptive to our waves, smiles and handouts.

  2. Amanda Lyon

    Wow! You guys are inspirational. Thanks for sharing how you all made this work. I look forward to reading about next year’s parade and improvements.

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