We want you to Tweet about IAD on Aug 7th!

We need your help to get Taoist Tai Chi™ arts more exposure online – so let’s make some online noise around Awareness Day this year.

You can watch the live stream of events from Young-Dundas Square, and help out by making Taoist Tai Chi™ a trending topic on Twitter!

We encourage everyone to tweet greetings, messages, and pictures on Aug 7th using the hashtag #TaoistTaiChi !

No matter where you are: on the square in Toronto, at home or work, at your local club or location watching the live broadcast, or wherever!

If we have the most tweets on that day with this hashtag, we’ll become a trending topic on Twitter – which is a really good thing!!


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One response to “We want you to Tweet about IAD on Aug 7th!

  1. You need to join in too 😉 the most recent tweet from @taoisttaichisoc is over 6weeks old currently – come on you guys – get tapping on the keyboard and use those smartphones!
    It’s so easy with the twitter app, a tweet everyday would really be great and help to raise awareness. Join me in twitter world, it’s a friendly place really 🙂

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