A Poet Laureate Celebrates Our Dragon and North Bay’s 35th Anniversary

The poet laureate of North Bay joined forces with the city’s mayor and our Dragon to kick of the branch’s 35th celebrations. Bill Walton, poet laureate of North Bay and an FLK participant, wrote a special poem to mark the visit of the 9-person dragon to the city for the kick-off to the branch’s 35th anniversary celebrations.

Mayor Al McDonald presented a citation from the city and, excited at seeing the dragon, immediately started sending tweets and Facebook messages to alert citizens to the day’s parade and demos. Harvey Schachter, Central Region liaison, brought greetings from FLK and the region, and Chris Lewis, a member of the Central Region instruction Committee was also in attendance.

 Our Tai Chi Dragon

Long revered in Chinese culture

embedded in ancient legend and myth

dragons are a symbol of power

and valiant boldness

the mighty dragon portrays heroism

perseverance and optimism

and so is commemorated in many

beautiful pagodas built in its honour

Unlike the Western dragons

oft depicted with fierce flaming mouths

sharp claws and rough shining scales

flying in the clouds swimming in rivers

marching through fields on four strong legs

pictured battling the good knights of yore

they were feared by everyone

But not so our Tai Chi dragon

our colourful dancing dragon

whose celestial breath brings

the essence of life or sheng chi

Legend says it can also bring

long-needed rain from the clouds

filling our rivers and lakes

or part the clouds bringing the sun

to warm the earth for our crops

or send cooling winds from the sea

and scatter soil from the mountains

onto our fields and farms

Undulating on many dragon legs

and always seeking the legendary pearl

this mystical mythical creature

from the East freely bestows some magic

on everyone here today

bringing you wishes of good fortune

and blessings of great happiness

We thank you, dragon


Participants from North Bay, Sudbury and New Liskeard Taoist Tai Chi™ locations paraded the two Dragons  through the North Bay downtown. Patrons at the Farmers’ Market were delighted as the long dragon wove its way through the market. Once at the waterfront, young people were excited to see and touch the small children’s dragon, Ming Ming, while Lung Wei starred in many ‘selfies’. Thanks for the support of everyone involved and especially those tireless dragon legs.




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