20th Anniversary and International Program in Budapest

The 20th anniversary of the Taoist Tai Chi Society of Hungary was celebrated with a 3-day International Program, a public demonstration and a banquet. 244 members of the international community gathered from 11 countries, which is a new record in the history of programs held in Hungary. The program was led by Tony Kwong, for whom it was not the first visit to the country. The demo on Friday took place at a central location in the Hungarian capital city. Dark clouds did not discourage us although a quick and heavy shower of rain chased the group under the Elizabeth Bridge, where we continued with foundation exercises. When the foundations were done, the rain was over too, and the square could be filled up again with lines standing up for the set. Eventually three Tai Chi Sets were performed and neither rain nor blazing sunshine troubled the assembly of over 200, who waved their hands like clouds in harmony beside the Danube river.

After the public demo a banquet celebration followed, a dinner of almost 10 courses – not counting the fruits and the birthday cake with fireworks! We had decorated the restaurant hall with old Tai Chi  T-shirts and posters with photos of events from the past 20 years. To add a more personal touch to these pictures, accounts from society participants were featured in the posters as well. A good number of volunteers worked during the workshop; many participants were busy with lots and lots of small tasks.

Practice was done in small groups in order to help everyone fully utilize the potential of the time spent together. Although only the first 24 steps were studied intensively during the program, the sets we performed every morning definitely changed in these three days. Thank you, Tony, for the excellent instruction and to all who joined our celebration!

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