Taoist Tai Chi™ arts on the Banks of the River Moy

Foxford big group 2

Earlier this month Taoist Tai Chi™ arts came to Ireland in a big way . The small town of Foxford, on the banks of the River Moy, suddenly had an influx of 176 people coming to a 3-day International program. The whole town must have been aware that something was going on and it wasn’t to do with fishing. “What were all these people doing?” must have been asked around town. The workshop participants didn’t really need to ask because we all felt it. Led wonderfully by Tony Kwong and translated by Susan Tam , we all came to feel changes for the better and for some profound healing experiences happened and were shared .

Our task for this year is to keep working on those changes and share them around the 12 locations in Ireland. Then maybe next year we will return to Foxford and this time it will not only be famous for its fishing but for its Tai Chi also…


View the video clip >
(or paste this link into your browser:  https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7j8cYJMflUxQ1QwODBGcmNtSWM/edit?usp=sharing )

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One response to “Taoist Tai Chi™ arts on the Banks of the River Moy

  1. Would have attended your latest international program had I known. Then stayed on to tour some. You all look absolutely lovely. Next time, make sure I know … then so will everyone else! Dunedin Center USA

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