Rolling through Youth Week

This year, youth week was attended by young members from Australia, Canada, Hungary and the USA. We have had a great time together, with a wonderful group leader who always keeps us active and having fun together. We did some rolls on the grass and butterfy snakes!

We, a bunch of young tai chi practitioners, really had fun times with the rolls on the grass. It just made us all feel young and flexible, though some of us felt dizzy with a few rolls or even not able to roll in a straight line, but we kept doing it until we got better! Judy Millen passed by and saw us roll on the grass. She laughed and said this is really good particularly for the guys (Master Moy used to say that), so keep doing it!
In the mornings we began with two sets and standing meditation with the Fung Loy Kok week, then split off to try things like rolls, snakes and push hands. In the afternoons, we practiced Taoist training – setting up tents, cleaning honey jars, unloading trucks and decorating the property for CIT week. We learned the value of working together and how hard work relates to the daily practice of the eight virtues. In the evenings, we came together again to practice with the Fung Loy Kok week participants. We learned to push from the feet and stillness in sitting meditation.
Overall, we had a really great week, and many have expressed interest in returning next year!

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One response to “Rolling through Youth Week

  1. Patti Kane-Wood

    So nice to see a member from St Petersburg having such a good time (you could tell by the big smile ) at Youth Week. Hope the “Fenway” will have such workshops in the future for our younger participants.

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