Finding balance during Health Recovery Week


After all the excitement of CIT week and the intensity of Lok Hup Week, some of us stayed at the International Centre in Orangeville to enjoy a more quiet pace.

We were 18 from Australia, Denmark, Czech, Great Britain, Slovakia, Belgium, New Hampshire, Quebec, Ontario and Vancouver to review the teachings of CIT week and help those who struggle with bigger health issues to apply them in their own Taoist Tai Chi™  arts.

Many of us could experience for the first time foundation exercises and the first moves of the set sitting on a chair or using a bar, which also helped us find our centre and balance while standing.

Dharma, the service dog of one participant, particularly appreciated the breaks, a time for petting, and Helen celebrated her 75th birthday with banana bread.

While some had to leave earlier, others realized they should practice Tai Chi more diligently.

An eye, body, and mind-opening week to remember for all of us.

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