Scottish Region Awareness Day in Edinburgh


It’s happened again! …. arriving by charter bus from as far away as Aberdeen, Forfar, Dundee and Glasgow, and by train from Inverness, not to mention the locals from Edinburgh and Linlithgow, over a hundred members from across Scotland converged on Edinburgh, the Festival city, for the Scottish Region Awareness Day celebration on Saturday 23 August, 2014.

Taking a cue from International Awareness Day events in Canada, everyone lined up neatly in rows and columns for the set, just like in Yonge-Dundas Square, Toronto, earlier in the month. The region’s senior instructors took to the PA system, providing commentary aimed at participating members and the spectating public.

As always, volunteers were on hand to give out leaflets promoting new classes – in Edinburgh, Scotland, GB and around the world. It’s worth mentioning the global aspect – we spoke to people from Scotland, England, Wales, France, Germany, Poland, USA, Russia, South Korea, and more.

The Scottish summer provided a refreshing mix of sunshine, and rain, and then sunshine again. A bit of a shower didn’t dampen spirits – while their comrades sheltered under the canopy of the Ross bandstand to practice their Foundation exercises, some brave souls performed ‘the ‘wet set’.

And, as in Toronto, members of the public were able to have a taste of our Taoist Tai Chi™ arts in the Open House area, where some of our experienced volunteer instructors showed them the first few moves of the sequence we practice together.

Then, to a heartbeat drum rhythm, the sunshine brought the dragon out of its lair for a parade around the gardens, and was the usual big hit with the spectators, many of whom wanted to have their picture taken with the beastie. Some even pulled matching dragon faces.

All too soon, the afternoon in the gardens came to a close. But the day was not over – the charter buses brought the multitude back to the UK National Centre, for afternoon tea and a spectacular choice of home-baking. There, GB Vice President Philomena Pretsell thanked everyone for coming and extended an invitation to come again, for events at the Centre and elsewhere.


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