Taoist Tai Chi™ 20th anniversary in Hungary & 10th in Eger – and a birthday cake of 108 slices…

2014 AD Eger 1

The second celebration in the Hungarian Taoist Tai Chi™ community took place on the 23rd of August. The Society, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, has been present in the city of Eger for 10 years.

More than 60 members came to join the event, not only from Eger but also from other cities including Sopron, Győr and Budapest, and thus more than 100 people participated in this joyful day’s program. An intensive with 101 participants (a new record in Hungary!) gave the day a great start; foundation exercises were practiced and lots of useful instructions were received. And of course, buffet tables full of delicacies were in focus during the breaks.

The deputy mayor of Eger was happy to join us for the banquet that followed; he said a few words of warm welcome and gave best wishes to the Society. A few additional local members showed up for the banquet and so the birthday cake was eventually cut into 108 slices. It was no mere accident!

After the delicious lunch we lined up, took the flags and walked to the medieval castle of Eger: the first open-air demonstration took place in the castle’s inner courtyard. Even the local television came to record the demo, and small interviews were also shot with members and instructors. Then we walked over to one of the central locations in the town to do another two sets while one of us said a few words about how beneficial Taoist Tai Chi™ is for one’s health and how the Society works. These open-air demos were, in accordance with the Society’s worldwide tradition, organized also as an Awareness Day event.

At the end of the day we greeted each other with a smile that came from the heart, hoping to meet again soon.

2014 AD Eger Demo2

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One response to “Taoist Tai Chi™ 20th anniversary in Hungary & 10th in Eger – and a birthday cake of 108 slices…

  1. Luana Goodwin, Valdosta, GA, USA

    Congratulations! What a pleasure seeing so many Taoist Tai Chi players in beautiful Eger.

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