Taoist Tai Chi™ Awareness Day, Puerta del Sol, Madrid

It was a memorable day, more than 100 members gathered in the Puerta del Sol in the centre of Madrid, to promote Taoist Tai Chi™ and the Society’s activities among the general public. The event was a huge success thanks to the enthusiasm of all those taking part in this Taoist Tai Chi™ Awareness Day.

All the years we have been attending the Awareness Day in Toronto served as an inspiration to organize this event.

It was the first time in Spain that we have set up a stage and presented the Society in public at this level, with television stations, journalists, representatives of associations and foundations which focus on health, the arts or culture, city hall officials, all gave their support and attention to the Taoist Tai Chi Society on this occasion.

It was a very special day for members, we felt relaxed, and the members’ smiles and readiness to help or take part in each of the different tasks meant that the organization of the event was almost like a party. We did several Tai Chi sets, Tai Chi with Sword, Lok Hup, the seated set and the impressive demonstration of the Dragon Dance, undoubtedly the highlight of the day. With Chinese music in the background, our magnificent master of ceremonies handled the presentations, introducing directors and representatives of the society and members who spoke about their experiences in the practice of Tai Chi. The free Tai Chi classes which instructors gave in the centre of the square were well attended, and many people stepped up to try the first movements of the Tai Chi set. The dragon brought us good luck and as the morning progressed, the autumn day became sunny with a very pleasant temperature.

A lot of information was distributed among the spectators and together with the members from Portugal we all felt part of one big family. The enthusiasm and selflessness of those taking part helped sow the seed of Taoist Tai Chi™ among people who did not know about it. We all have fun learning to share with others what we do in the Taoist Tai Chi Society.

We were featured on Telemadrid, Madrid’s regional tv station! Click here to watch the video

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