A Magical Night of Taoist Tai Chi™ in Oslo, Norway

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The long summer evenings are over and the long dark evenings quickly emerge upon us. On the 25th of September the Taoist Tai Chi Society of Norway, together with thousands of citizens of Oslo, celebrated equinox. On this particular evening all the electric lights were turned off along the Akers River in Oslo, and were replaced with thousands of torch lights.  About 40 000 people took part in this year’s cultural event along the river in order to experience live music, dance, fakirs, light installations and Taoist Tai Chi™ arts.

photo 2

Several members of the Taoist Tai Chi Society Norway participated in this year’s celebration. We decorated the surrounding trees and a sculpture we stood on with Chinese lanterns. We performed amongst torch lights and wood fires. Dressed in white trousers and dark tai chi T-shirts we demonstrated some of Master Moy Lin Shin’s traditions including the set, the foundation exercises and the Sabre set. During the 3-hour demonstration we received much interest. Lots of people passing by stopped to have a look and many were interested in receiving information about the Society and what we offer. A few people enthusiastically joined in.

Practicing tai chi under a clear starry night sky surrounded by flames, lots of Chinese Lanterns, in front of a large but quiet crowd made this a truly magical night for us all. We are already looking forward to taking part in next year’s ‘Elvelangs i Fakkelys’. In the mean time, we will be practicing indoors and inviting all those who are interested to join us in experiencing the wonderful health benefits of Taoist Tai Chi™ arts.

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One response to “A Magical Night of Taoist Tai Chi™ in Oslo, Norway

  1. Dawna Knowles, Canada

    Greetings to our friends in Norway! Thank you for posting this event. It looks wonderful. As everyone knows, we have dark winter evenings in Canada, too. You have given us inspiration. We will consider a similar event in our town. (However, on a much smaller scale!)

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