Whitby, Markham Stoufville’s Fall Colour Tour at the International Centre


Monday, October 6th, approximately 50 participants from Whitby, its four Satellites and Markham Stouffville boarded a bus at 7:30 a.m. to begin an excursion to Orangeville. Under the guidance of their continuing instructors, the participants began what turned out to be an wonderfully informative day.

They enjoyed a journey through nature’s fall colours while partaking in activities that supported the day’s objective – “to learn more about the International Centre in Orangeville”. Upon arrival at our destination, the first stop was the Columbarium to pay respect to our founder and mentor, Master Moy Lin Shin. All left in awe of this man who accomplished so much.

Following a snack and a set, the instructors began a guided tour through the grounds, buildings and amazing points of interest.  Later a great lunch demonstrated what it meant to be a ” volunteer”. Nearing the end of the visit, the participants had a few minutes to explore on their own. Many just walked about in awe of the marvellous place that is OURS. We all were inspired to return. What a great opportunity.

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