Lok Hup Week at International Centre Orangeville Oct 14 -18, 2014

From October 14th to 18th, approximately 50 participants attended the second Lok Hup Week held during 2014 at the Fung Loy Kok Taoist Tai Chi™ International Centre in Orangeville.

LokHup_IMG_9174_CROPFor first-timers and seasoned participants alike, it was an exciting week of new discoveries which deepened our understanding of Taoist Tai Chi™ arts. The programme was led by John Huang, who shared the treasures that Master Moy imparted to him. The emphasis for the week was not “crushing” the structure of the moves and the importance of bringing a strong foundation from Tai Chi ­­– don-yus, tor-yus, snakes and even the first jong – into our Lok Hup. John also presented us with a new unified translation of the Lok Hup Ba Fa move list that more accurately conveys the rich imagery of the original Chinese characters.

The many hours spent practicing Lok Hup and Tai Chi (as well as informal practice of other forms) worked up hearty appetites to enjoy the delicious meals prepared by the dedicated team in the kitchen.


Participants also had the opportunity to learn more about the operations at the International Centre and better appreciate the tremendous contributions made by the staff and volunteers who keep things running week after week while the rest of us come and go.

By working effectively and efficiently with our group members between class sessions, we accomplished routine and special tasks from dishwashing and veggie chopping to lavender field weeding and refilling the all-natural soap and cleaning products used at the centre. We learned the importance of the “eyes see, hands do” motto, teamwork and pitching in to help others to lighten the load.



On the morning of Saturday the 18th, Lok Hup Week participants merged with those arriving for Introduction to Lok Hup weekend so that we could all receive instruction on the first moves in the Lok Hup set together. The format of the week, which intertwined instruction on the second-half of the set during the day and first half during the evenings, proved that it really is possible to begin the learning of a set at any point in the endless flowing circle of moving meditation.


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