International workshop in Slovakia, Oct 18 -19

TTCS of Slovakia hosted 2 day workshop in Bratislava on October 18 – 19. The workshop was led by Marsha Eberhardt. We welcomed 184 participants from many countries – Switzerland, Italy, Ireland, Sweden, England, Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic.

 Our location started to fill Friday afternoon. Seniors cooked wonderful Thai soup for incoming participants. They welcomed each other, sat around rounded tables, drank tea and talked till late evening.

The program started Saturday morning in a school gym nearby. We divided into small groups where people worked together on their Tai Chi and discussed some topics. Groups had also tasks as cleaning, preparing refreshment and tea, serving food and washing dishes, so organization of the workshop ran very smooth.

Because of the great number of participants, lunch and dinner were served in 2 places at the same time – in our club and in a restaurant, which is in the same building. This worked very well and we were able to eat without long breaks.

 We had an interesting experience during Saturday evening session.  The lights went out during one of our Tai Chi sets, so we found ourselves almost in the dark. But fortunately no panic and screaming occurred. People stayed peacefully together in harmony movement, enjoyed the extraordinary moment and continued with the set while the lights gradually started to work again.

 The breakfasts were prepared and served in our location. More than 40 members slept there, so it was pretty lively during the weekend. Moreover, Sunday morning after breakfast we did chanting there. This was a powerful moment. Massive sound filled the whole space and started us for upcoming practice. Then we continued in gym and program finished with lunch at 2pm.

 Many people said this was the best workshop yet in Slovakia. It was definitively our biggest event yet. We did a lot of work, learned a lot and had a lot of fun.

 And yes, of course we did a lot of don-yus and tor-yus 🙂

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