12 Hours of continuous Tai Chi and a fundraiser in Ballina Ireland, November 22nd

2014-11-22 Taichiathon2.jpg.30 071 
2014-11-22 Taichiathon3

Inspired by a desire to practise, the Taoist Tai Chi Society of Ireland got together for the 2nd annual “Tai Chi-a-thon” at the centre in Ballina, Co Mayo on Saturday November 22nd. Starting at 8am the “sets” ran seamlessly through until 8pm. No worries, all relaxed, instructors stepping in to lead hourly sessions and sometimes keeping going. Laughter, meals, tea, meetings, and chats all swirled around a soft and gentle core of movement.  57 taichi’ers took part and funds were raised towards the new International Centre in Dunedin. In this way, the energy lives on in Florida, and for those of us who attended, it was simply a day of Tai Chi.

2014-11-22 Taichiathon2

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