Tampa Bay Botanical Gardens Holiday Lights – Opening Night!

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What a festive and fun demo evening we had in the cold weather Thanksgiving Friday on the first night of the Botanical Gardens Annual Holiday Lights celebration. All of the Tampa Bay branches were invited to participate and we were thrilled to have more than 60 TTCS participants kickoff the night with a set of 108 moves – that’s really one move, right?   Most of the tai chi-ers were from St. Petersburg and Dunedin, since we are closer to Largo, plus did I mention it was cold?

Each of us was given a glow necklace to wear, seasonal red or green, of course. Visiting children were also delighted to wear them, and jumped right into the set with big smiles. They and a number of adults joined in for our mini-class, and then participated in another set. Image 2

Patti, our organizer, narrated the first set, while David and Lynne narrated others. The emphasis throughout was having fun and improving our balance. Some of us found the slant of the “floor” a challenge to our “usual” balance! We shared many of the health benefits of the Taoist Tai Chi™ arts, talked about our founder Master Moy Lin Shin, the Society, our area Branches, the mind/body connections and the impact of tai chi on the whole body and mind. We spoke about volunteerism and our goals to become better people with good hearts. We shared information about the upcoming Open Houses and classes, including Health Recovery. Of course, we described what was happening during each set and as we did our standing jongs.

Opening night is the largest attended evening during the Holiday Lights season and we were thrilled at the large number of people who stopped, watched, and listened to everything we did and talked about. During our short breaks many enthusiastic conversations took place between participants and observers.Image

The Botanical Gardens is always a wonderful venue to have the opportunity to perform a demonstration of our Taoist Tai Chi™ and this year was better than ever. The head of volunteers there could not be more kind or efficient providing us such a nice date, space and audio system for the speakers.   If you are in the area next year when we have this annual happening, be sure to join us and bring friends and family. Everyone has a grand time and we get to help make more people aware of the fun we have and benefits we gain from our Taoist art.





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One response to “Tampa Bay Botanical Gardens Holiday Lights – Opening Night!

  1. Quality opportunity to show and share the best of our Tai Chi with our community.

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