Festive Fun Day in Edinburgh, 06 Dec 14


On Saturday 6th December, members had the opportunity to join in Taoist Tai Chi Society activities throughout the day at the UK National Centre in Edinburgh.

The aim of the day was to gather together for Taoist arts and some festive fun, while also fund-raising for the new International Centre at the Fenway in Florida.

photo 1-L

Members in Edinburgh, Scotland feel a special connection with Dunedin, Florida. A millennium-and-a-half ago, the settlement that has become Edinburgh was named Din Eidyn in the ancient Cumbric language. To this day, in Scottish Gaelic the city is known as Dùn Èideann.

Our day started early with chanting practice followed by a three-hour open class attended by 50 people, led by the President of the Taoist Tai Chi Society of Great Britain, Crispin Barker. A pot luck lunch, catching up with old friends, rounded off the morning.

Throughout the afternoon, a team drawn from leaders of the Society in Scotland worked in the kitchen to prepare a festive dinner of turkey and all the trimmings, nut roast with tomato and garlic sauce, and a surprise dessert.

photo 2-L

Meanwhile, in the practice hall, a project to raise funds for the Fenway was brought to completion. Over the past two months, members in Edinburgh and beyond have been collecting twenty-pence coins each worth around 30 US cents. The target was to collect enough coins to lay edge-to-edge along the length of the UK National Centre, which measures nearly 40 metres from front windows to back wall. This would require 1,900 coins with a value of £380. Good news! We didn’t just reach the target, we smashed it! £656.40 was collected, a sum in excess of 1,000 US dollars.

In the early evening, seventy members, family and friends gathered for a most enjoyable meal. But what of the dessert? Home-made “Key”- Lime pie, in recognition of fund-raising for the Fenway in the Sunshine State, and much appreciated on a dreich (= dull and miserable) December evening in Scotland.


Our twelve hour day was completed with a ceilidh in which everyone, from youngest to most senior, joined in Scottish country dancing to a live band. Donations for the evening raised a further £500 for the Fenway.

Fellowship, fun and fund-raising: a grand day. Happy Holidays!


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2 responses to “Festive Fun Day in Edinburgh, 06 Dec 14

  1. Wendy Baars

    Looks like you all have had a lot of fun. Wish you all the best form the Netherlands and a merry Christmas. Also greetings to Elizabeth from Aberdeen and all the people I have met on the workshop in September in The Netherlands. Hope to meet you again somewhere!

  2. Well done to all. What an amazing day. It makes me proud of my Scottish roots. Florida does have a definite appeal on these grey winter days! Debbie Lloyd, Cambridge

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