WOW!  Another large gathering at the Toronto Branch, Etobicoke location Intensive on December 9, 2014.


The Fung Loy Kok Toronto Branch in the Central Region, Canada, hosted another amazing Intensive on December 9, 2014 at its Etobicoke location. Over 150 participants attended and enjoyed a great evening of fellowship, and Taoist training led by Tony Kwong. Intensives are 3 hour sessions conducted for education and fundraising throughout the Central Region.  As part of our philosophy and oral traditions, senior instructors volunteer their time to lead these sessions and share their insights and understandings.


For the Toronto Branch, this was the final intensive of the year, and at just this Intensive over $3,000 in donations were made by enthusiastic participants to support the organization’s current projects, most noteworthy the Fenway renovation project  in Florida. Also, a gift box was donated by the Markham-Stouffville location and raffled. The raffle raised over $300. John Balinski was the raffle winner. He, in turn, re-donated the gift box to the St. Catherines location for an event planned at that location for the following weekend.


The evening commenced with an excellent pot luck dinner.

It was followed by a set (moving meditation) and then standing meditation.  Tony then led the group through foundations, with much time spent on Tor- yus and Don-yus. Everyone worked hard and enjoyed the practice and refinements shared by Tony. Tony also demonstrated the first part of the set up to repulse monkey and then Marsha Eberhardt, President of the Fung Loy Institute of Taoism, demonstrated wave hands like clouds. Watching and meditating on the moves assists us in achieving deeper understanding and in gaining enlightenment.

The next Toronto Branch intensive will take place in February 2015 at a Mississauga location.

Participants in Central Region and the Toronto area extend best wishes to all participants worldwide for the New Year and look forward to crossing paths at future events.

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