St. Nicolaus comes to the Taoist Tai Chi™ centre in Bratislava


St. Nicolaus has become a tradition in our centre in Bratislava. This year on December 6th he came to us a third time. Every year more and more children come to see him.  This is a very good opportunity to open our centre to relatives, so they can come and join us.


There was a mix of ages and a lot of fun and the centre was full of life and energy. Children were running, playing, singing and making paper Christmas trees. Of course when St. Nicolaus came all the children were quiet. It was very nice to see their faces with big eyes looking at him and the angel.

DSC_0056Of course the devil didn’t come because all of the children have been good the whole year. Each one got sweets from St. Nicolaus after they sang or said a poem. Well, some of them did so.  I have to say that St. Nicolaus had a very hard job, because most of the children were a bit nervous when he arrived. But at the end each child came to him and said something and of course got the sweets. Even some adults 🙂

It was a wonderful day full of laughs.

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