A day of Taoist Tai Chi™ and Bingo in Helmond

2014-11-12 15.25.47 resized

Christmas is a time of giving. This idea was very much alive during the Christmas intensive and Bingo in the Centre of Helmond. The atmosphere was there with all the Christmas decorations looking at us from all corners of the practise hall.

We started the day with an intensive with lots of tor-yu’s and brush knees. A wonderful Christmas lunch followed and then the Bingo could start. For months we have been collecting prizes, partially bought with coupons saved by members and some donated by members. So to say it was a Bingo with prizes from and for members.

One of the members, dressed up like a funny character and her lovely assistant were leading the Bingo in a fair and above all very humorous way. Tensions rose when all 40 players were waiting anxiously for that last number to complete the bingo sheet. In the end… everybody went home with a prize and a big smile.

The result of this Christmas day at the Centre was €322 to go to the Fenway project, and a day of harmony and fun.

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