Atlantic Region Celebrates Chinese New Year

JC Chopping DSC02545

Participants from the Atlantic Region gathered at the Regional Centre in Halifax to celebrate Chinese New Year. The planned week-end event was shortened to one jam-packed day because of an impending storm. The day was filled with Tai Chi practice and instruction. We chanted the North Star Sutra together, a first time experience for some of our participants. Perhaps that is why the chanting seemed to us to have extra power and spirit, and our first-time participants felt uplifted and energized, and all of them wish to continue the practice.

CNY two

A banquet was held in the evening with 56 participants and guests attending. The meal was served in traditional banquet style, one course at a time. The star of the meal had to be the traditional whole fish served to each table: in this case, a large and succulent sea trout. It was very clear that the diners more than appreciated the culinary efforts and expertise demonstrated by our participants who cooked all day so joyfully and fed us so well.

We were privileged to welcome the Nova Scotia Minister of Finance, Diana Whalen and her daughter. Minister Whalen spent a good deal of time happily conversing with people as we made the rounds to wish everyone gong hei fat choi

ACNY onet the end of a very full day and evening, those members who had some hours to drive were sent off to get home safely before the blizzard hit. The local folks stayed behind to clean up, and got everything set to rights in short order –


a perfect ending to yet another joyous time of practicing and working together.


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