International Program: February 7/8 in Rome, Italy


The weekend of the 7th and 8th of February a happy band of Taoist Tai Chi® arts practitioners gathered in the elementary school in  “Hero’s Square”, Rome – Italy, to attend an international workshop led by Carmen Capilla with Paul Davies, both members of the FLK Board of Directors and of the ERC.

Sarah Taddeo (member of the National Board and President of the Florence branch) welcomed the gathering on behalf of the President of the Italian Association, Lucia Tiribilli, who could not attend.

Micaela Bonavia (President of the Rome branch) greeted all participants and introduced the workshop leader Carmen Capilla.DSC_3464

We welcomed those from the eight participating countries, especially those who had travel from abroad: Czech Republic, Denmark. France, Great Britain, Hungary, Spain, Switzerland and, of course, Italy were represented.

The main focus of Carmen’s teaching for the weekend were  “three magic words”

2.Shifting the weight
3.Eyes straight


After a morning of practice there was a demonstration of the set outside the school, overlooked by the magnificent Dome of St Peters and watched by passersby (couple of them joined the club for starting to practice, the following week!).

After a sustaining lunch, we continued to work focusing on the three aforementioned concepts until supper. After supper some questions were answered about the activities and the projects of the Society, including the new International Center in Dunedin, Florida.

On Sunday morning, under a blue Roman sky our group of 75 reformed for chanting and then more practice.  At noon we went outside into the sunshine and practiced  “parting wild horse’s mane”, concentrating on transferring of weight fully.

Later, in the summing up, Carmen explained that the three magic words are magic but that it isn’t all “magic”, rather a “question of practice”!

Many thanks were conveyed to our leader Carmen and to all the organizers and participants helping out with tasks: without all of them we would not have had this chance to improve our understanding of the Taoist Tai Chi (set and Society).

Our short time together had passed so quickly and after eating together and celebrating our Society once again, we went our separate ways.



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