Record number of participants at the Beginners Weekend at the UK National Centre in Edinburgh

Beginner weekends are growing in popularity in Great Britain and here’s why:

“I felt so welcome” – Marzena (38)

“Perfect environment” – Maggie (63)


The first Beginners Weekend at the UK National Centre in Edinburgh started on Friday 13th February (lucky for some!) with a warm welcome to all. There was a total of 66 participants, from all five of the branches in Scotland, Edinburgh, Aberdeen Angus, Highlands and Islands, Scotland West and Strathtay. We were delighted to have the opportunity to share Taoist Tai Chi®  arts with such a positive group.


Friday 19:30 to 21:30

Arranged in rows and columns – new beginners in the first few rows, assistants to the sides, and leaders at the front – we did the first 17 moves. It was lovely to see the beginners making such positive progress throughout the evening. The leaders and assistants made quite an impact in their red t-shirts. Towards the end of the evening we had a taste of the next 17 moves, in preparation for the morning session.

“Utterly relaxing and tingly” – Fiona (27)

“Loved the relaxation and sense of calm” – Jane (59)

SONY DSCSaturday 10:00 to 13:30

An atmospherically foggy day was left behind for a bright practice hall full of relaxed, smiling people. Throughout the session we progressed to move 54, with a break to watch “A Moving Meditation for Body, Mind and Spirit’’ giving first-hand accounts of the many different ways Taoist Tai Chi®  arts have affected people’s lives.

There was plenty to talk about during the tea break, and beginners and experienced members chatted away happily. You can see how well the orange t-shirts stood out in the photographs.

“I feel as if I’m walking better” – Peter (60)

“I like the focus on helping each other – whatever stage you get to, you can always help someone” – Sarah (40)


Sunday 10:00 to 13:30

Carrying on to move 73, we looked more closely at Brush Knees in particular, with an emphasis on keeping the tigers mouth open – a good reminder for all. There was an opportunity to see the movie “Motions of the Tao“, based on the opening of the Temple at Darcy Street in Toronto, and gain an idea of the richness of the culture and history available in the Taoist Tai Chi Society. This was further highlighted in a “walk the walls” session, where groups were given a guided tour of the hall. As with all good things, we soon ran out of time, but clearly the weekend had made quite an impression of all of those attending.

“This great foundation will allow me to drop into different classes to suit my schedule” – Teja (35)

“It’s been really good not waiting a week between classes – it sinks in better and flows” – Jody (34)

We hope to run another Beginner Weekend later in the year – bring your friends!

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