Learning a lot & having a good time in Madrid!

This March, 120 members attended the International Instructors Workshop, led by Marsha Eberhardt, at the South European Center in Madrid, Spain.

In a nice and cozy atmosphere, we are working on deepening the Tor-yu and Dan-yus y practicing them in the movements of Taoist Tai Chi set. It is really impressive seeing how Tai Chi affects the mind and the body thanks to Marsha’s instructions and the continuous practice of her corrections, which are being integrated little by little in the form. All of this results in joy and cordiality surrounding us.

03 conexion P1020333 (Small)Last Wednesday, we held a video conference over the Internet with the new International Center in Dunedin, Florida, United States of America. Sean Denison showed us in real time the premises, so we had the chance to get a fair idea of its dimensions and splendour. We hope we will be able to see it in person and spend a few days with members from all over the world.

We are really excited about the workshop, which is reflected in the various tasks we are accomplishing and sharing, to ensure everything goes to plan and we are feeling comfortable. We are learning a lot and, above all, we having a really good time.

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