A good weekend in Frankfurt

The first sunny and warm days after a long period of winter we welcomed almost 80 participants from 7 countries to the International Workshop on Friday in Frankfurt. Like in previous years we rented rooms at a school for people with disabilities and special needs to hold the workshop. It felt like coming home again. Already ¾ of the participants attended on Friday and helped out to set up, to prepare and shape.

Under the guidance of Marsha Eberhardt we worked on our form, and shared topics like the 8 virtues and how we encounter them in the Society and also how they have an impact on our daily lives.

On Sunday morning we chanted together. Over half of the participants, including many first-interested, participated in this experience. With much enthusiasm the beginners reported about this event.

In the courtyard we built up our portable wok stations. Also there training took place. Among others some members from Switzerland practiced at the wok and the organization of the kitchen in preparation of the first workshop in Schaffhausen in Switzerland.

We look forward to the next event, where we can come together as a family again. We all had a lot of fun and it was a harmonious practice and weekend.

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