2015 International Program, Kuantan Malaysia


We have just returned to Great Britain after an unforgettable time in SE Asia where we were lucky to take part in the Malaysia International Program. The program started early in the morning of Saturday, March 7th, with a photoshoot of all participants wearing matching workshop t-shirts.

There were 90 participants over the course of the two days. A couple from USA, 1 from Canada, 29 from Australia West coast and 6 from the UK while the rest were local members.

Tony Kwong led the workshop and it was wonderful watching him being able to instruct in his first language. As we worked in small groups, Tony worked with two Malaysian women, instructing them in the moves so they could show others. I loved watching his relaxed manner with them and how amazing for them to be able to take instruction directly from Tony.

Tony worked us hard during the course of the two days. On day two, new participants joined us and we continued working on foundation moves and the opening moves of the set, right up to 5 wave hands. It was very sad to say farewell to our new found friends, what a fantastic workshop and how much we learnt under Tony’s expert guidance.

What really struck me was how lucky we are in the UK and Europe. Almost every week there is an intensive within an hour driving distance. I have the choice of attending programs at home and those within a couple of hours flight away; the folk from W Australia had flown for 5 hours and told us it was quicker and more economical than attending a program in their own country, Brisbane. The total membership for Malaysia is roughly the same as in our branch in SEE and it will be two years until the next program held there, whereas I am able to choose between several workshops all within easy travelling distance.

On Sunday evening, after the program ended, we sailed up-river in powered motorboats to see the fireflies darting from one side of the river to the other, their electric light flashing before us. We visited an old tin mining town and ate amazing local dishes. Early one morning we rose to watch the sunrise from the top of a mountain and visited an elephant sanctuary; watching orphaned and injured elephants enjoying their daily dip in the river.


The next workshop is planned for 2017, with an optional tour, hopefully into the Taman Negara National Park. We cannot recommend it highly enough and would like to thank our Malaysian friends for organising such a memorable workshop and tour. We’ve made new friends from the other side of the world; what a fantastic opportunity and how insightful of Master Moy to realize how important this is to our well being and understanding of others. Our gratitude is to him and the legacy he has left behind.

Hopefully we’ll meet again in 2017, maybe you’ll be there too. Thank you.

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One response to “2015 International Program, Kuantan Malaysia

  1. Eric Lim - Malaysia

    Indeed, it was a wonderful workshop with Tony Kwong and I am glad that I attended. True, we in Malaysia would have to wait until 2017 for the next International Workshop. We hope that you could come to visit us then.

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