Celebration of 25 years of Taoist Tai Chi® Arts in New Zealand


Ninety enthusiastic Taoist Tai Chi Society participants from New Zealand, Australia, Czech Republic, Canada and the United States received instruction from Tony Kwong, a senior instructor from Canada, who worked us hard on developing our form. During these programs we all work hard but have a lot of fun getting to know people of different ages and walks of life, sharing our learning of this amazing discipline while gaining health benefits for body and mind. We also held a banquet to celebrate 25 years of the Taoist Tai Chi® arts in New Zealand.

 On Tuesday, March 24, we demonstrated the 108 moves of the Tai Chi set outside Parliament while wearing our red 25-year anniversary t-shirts. Participants handed out pamphlets, spoke to the public and encouraged people to “give it a go”.  A class of happy and intrigued school children joined in and two suit-wearing MPs were encouraged by the society’s national president to do a few moves. The leader of one political party also met us and we had conversations with other politicians as well, telling them about a low-cost way to improve health. There was media coverage before and during the event.


 This is the first time New Zealand has staged such a big public outdoor display. These events are not only about doing Tai Chi but about encouraging understanding of our not-for-profit organization.

Participants in workshops and events get the chance to grow, gain confidence and skills by sharing the organizational tasks, such as planning of meals, banquets, cleaning, billeting, transport, fundraising and displays.  These create opportunities to share the wide variety of organizational roles. There’s always support as we learn new skills. But what really keeps things running smoothly and eases the load is the “eyes see, hands do” philosophy.

Please join us as we continue to celebrate our 25th birthday with another five-day international program in October in Tauranga.

You can watch a video of this event here

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