International Workshop in France: What a fantastic weekend!

tct15We could summarize the international workshop held in Lamballe like this.

93 members of the Association have given themselves appointment in the national center to receive the teaching of Marsha Eberhardt, international instructor from Canada.

Came from England, the Netherlands, Belgium, Burgundy, Rhône-Alpes and all classes of Britanny, the participants enjoyed sharing together this weekend of Taoist Tai Chi® arts.


This workshop was the first one for some people and their testimonies in their respective classes after the workshop have motivated many people to try this experience.

In the 10 groups formed at the beginning of the workshop, participants were able to deepen their practice of Don yus, Tor yus and brush knees.

These groups have facilitated the organization of the event. Indeed each group had a task assigned during meal and breaks. (lay the table, put the chairs, sweep, washing dishes …), which significantly reduced the work of volunteers present in the kitchen.


Before resuming the workshop after lunch on Saturday, the National Office conducted the Annual General Meeting and delegates from different sectors have approved the moral and financial balance sheets unanimously.

Saturday evening, Marsha showed us some pictures of our new home in Florida. The former hotel named “Fenway” in Tampa Bay is a paradise place under renovation where we will be able to come together like this weekend, with warmer temperatures…

On Sunday morning, after a breakfast shared in a friendly atmosphere, we were able to enjoy the practice of chanting and the meditative benefits.


And it is with a heavy heart and feet firmly anchored in the ground, after a 100% Breton meal, that all the participants of the weekend left. Taking with them their feelings, they will transmit to other members of the Association, the desire to travel and keep in movements.

Thank you to all participants for this shared moment.

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