Toronto Branch Cabaret held at Etobicoke Location on March 17th

Toronto celebrated St. Patrick’s Day on March 17 at our Etobicoke location.  About 70 participants put down their knitting, left their lonely rooms and went to hear the music play at the Toronto Branch Cabaret.

As promised in the words of the song, tables were waiting, there was wine to taste and even green beer. Several of the area’s many skilled instrumentalists entertained us on the violin, piano, drums, — and the alphorn.  Musicians played and sang the classics, the blues, folk songs, show tunes and some of their own compositions.  We danced to the rhythms of our fledgling samba band, were cracked up by the comedic stylings of the ever stylish Chris Lewis, sang along with “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”, and all played a part in the debut of the Toronto Branch Improvisational Body Percussion Orchestra. Thanks to the many volunteers who made this fun fundraiser for the Fenway possible.

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