Warsaw Location hosts Beginner Accelerated Class Feb 21 -22, 2015


“I came to believe I can learn it and I felt so relaxed.”

Following the example of other locations, the Warsaw, Poland location held a Accelerated Beginner Weekend for the first time. It was a perfect opportunity to have the first experience of Taoist Tai Chi® arts in the form of a speeded-up – 2 days! – learning practice. On February 21st and 22nd a hundred people knocked on our door. Among them were 28 new members, who had not had the opportunity to practice our form before, and the rest were members from continuing and beginners’ groups.

After several moves we heard: “I feel I have two additional hands”. However, with every minute, every repetition, tension and anxiety disappeared from people’s faces, giving way to relaxation. Initial uncertainty changed into blissful peace. Undoubtedly, two magic words – “balance” and “comfortably” – often repeated by the instructor, helped enter such a state.

“I have a hard time in my life right now and this exercise stopped the stream of bad thoughts. I calmed down. I was present here and now.”

“My headache is gone, I feel rested.”


During several breaks we talked about the origins and the voluntary nature of our organization. Together with the help of all the participants we prepared a delicious Chinese lunch. We also had time to watch a short film about the health benefits of the Taoist Tai Chi® arts, after which we listened to the story of health recovery of one of Warsaw’s instructors. We went home tired, but also very, very relaxed.

On Sunday we started practicing by doing the entire Set of 108 moves for the first time!

“Yesterday, during the last cycle of exercises I felt that I could do it, I felt calm and movements flowed easily one after the other.”

“Yesterday: fear, uncertainty, dozens of unfamiliar faces. Today: calm, I can do it, dozens of smiling faces, all of them familiar.”

“Tai Chi gives me a sense of peace and relaxation.”

“I’ve noticed a lot of elements in the sequence, which I did not see before.”


Everything that begins must come to an end. However, we feel that the end of the weekend course is just the beginning of a great adventure for dozens of new members of our Society.

“Actually I feel my head is empty (and what a pleasant feeling this is!) I do not really know what to write, but I am determined to continue to learn Tai Chi. Thank you for this course.”

“I am filled with gratitude. I am in the right place, at the right time. I feel happy, twice younger. Life is hard, but I know I can handle it. I feel joy and strength within. Thank you.”

We also thank you very much. By working together in harmony, we could experience again that the Set is not just 108 movements, but much, much more. We’ve learned a lot and we also feel great gratitude for the opportunity to practice and explore the art left for us by Master Moy.

We hope to see many of you in our classes 🙂


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