IWS Edinburgh April 4 – 8, 2015

big group

Spring has arrived!

Not for the first time a grey, damp and cool week in Edinburgh burst into bright, warming sunshine as the day of the program arrived.

carmen-logoIt felt that Spring had definitely and finally sprung in Great Britain. Maybe this time it was brought from Spain by our instructor Carmen Capilla. Certainly Carmen’s energy seemed to match that of the sun as she tirelessly demonstrated and helped us find greater balance in a more 3-dimensional sense.

Emphasis was placed on dropping and letting go with the whole movement coming from the feet, letting the hands go out and keeping soft. Carmen stressed the importance of enjoying the journey and not rushing backwards or forwards and encouraged us to take our time. We, in response, moved up and down, left and right and forward and back at the same time, feeling the body expand and grow.

Her sense of humour soon began to exert its effect on us adding light heartedness to the practice. Throughout the week the journey built up and the dan yu and tor yu became stronger and stronger in the set for all. The timing changed and a tangible stillness developed.

So much energy, so much stillness.

carmen-big group

Evening group discussions included “Why did we start practising the Taoist Tai Chi® arts and what has kept us coming?”  And responses to why we kept coming included: improved health, friendship, wonderful atmosphere, great instructors, more energy, good people, relaxation, quietness – surely, the food too.

We were all thankful for Carmen’s injection of potent, intense but soft, caring energy. Now, like the daffodils, we’re rising from the earth and blooming.

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