Southwest Area Intensive in Stratford, April 16, 2015


95 participants from the Southwest Area gathered at the Southwest Centre in Stratford for an intensive with instructor Andrew Hung.  The afternoon began with a delicious pot luck.  The Southwest Area locations are learning to work together at our many get-togethers.  Each location takes responsibility for part of the event.  This is working well as everyone is becoming more familiar with the SW Centre and things run smoothly.

Andrew helped us develop our understanding of the importance of expansion and contraction in each move in the set, with the emphasis on going all the way up as well as all the way down.  He talked about the importance of completing the donyu and toryu in the set for developing balance.

By watching Andrew work with individuals we learned about how our practice can help pain.

The afternoon was greatly appreciated by all who participated.  We all were anxious to work on everything we learned.

The next event at the Southwest Centre is our Regional Program on May 23.  We’re learning to cook for that one.


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