64 Participants Enjoy a Seniors’ Intensive in Nanaimo, British Columbia

Thursday April 16th found sixty-four of us squeezed into our Bowen Road location in Nanaimo, BC for a seniors intensive.

We began the day with a set, which was a bit of a challenge with so many participants however it was very good practice to make sure we were all moving together. Achieved by extra Monkeys and fewer Horse’s Manes; we are nothing if not adaptable!  After the set we worked on our jongs, tor-yus and dan-yus, allowing ourselves to become open and light – lovely!

Lunch was delicious with a soup and home made buns from a local participant, plus all the fixings for a very tasty sandwich, and the best apple crumble we’ve ever had! After lunch, we worked on applying the morning’s instruction to moves in the set which resulted in all of us feeling much lighter and more open. Everyone agreed it was a wonderful feeling!

A big thank you to all attended, and who helped make this program a success!

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