Vancouver Kicks Off May With National Program and To Your Health Banquet


The Vancouver Branch was pleased to host a National Program led by Marsha Eberhardt on May 2-3, 2015 at the Pacific Region Centre. The weekend also included the 18th Annual To Your Health Banquet and the Annual Regional Meeting for the Pacific Region. We were delighted to have all eight branches of the Pacific Region represented in the 112 program attendees and the annual banquet, a delicious 10-course traditional Chinese banquet led by Blaise Baillargeon from the International Centre in Orangeville, served over 220 people, including participants, family and friends. Additional highlights for the evening were our traditional toast “To Your Health,” some lively music that had people dancing in the aisles and an address by Marsha.


Marsha provided clear and simple direction during the weekend program that benefited new and experienced participants, alike. She helped us improve not only our dan-yus and tor-yus but also our ability to organize. We had an opportunity to practice and to see the value of keeping instructions and planning as clear and simple as possible, especially when planning a big event like a banquet. After a successful weekend, we look forward to creating an even better event the next time.


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