About This Blog

“The Tiger’s Mouth” is the official blog of Fung Loy Kok.

For those of you who are participants, think of it as a virtual extension of the tea break in your regular tai chi class. This is where we’ll socialize, share stories, make important announcements, and keep the ever-growing community of  members connected beyond the four walls of our local branches.

For those of you who aren’t participants, think of it as a taste of the world’s largest nonprofit tai chi organization with more than 40,000 participants in 26 countries that span the globe. We hope you’ll be inspired by the deep passion our participants feel for this organization to consider participating and joining one of our classes near you.

Bookmark it, set up an RSS feed, and stay on top of all the news of the world’s largest nonprofit tai chi organization.

All information posted on this blog is © Fung Loy Kok Institute of Taoism

18 responses to “About This Blog

  1. Thanks so much to society members involved in this vision and for giving your time towards creating a TTCS blog for the benefit of us all. What a wonderful learning & connecting venue.

    Haida Gwaii

  2. Dawna Knowles

    Congratulations! This is a quantum leap forward for our Society. I agree with Wendy, what a great way to learn and connect.
    Will definitely bookmark. Thank you!

  3. Laura Weaver

    Yes indeed! I add my Congratulations to all who are involved in putting this blogsite together. What a wonderful way to bring the membership closer together and keep folks up-to-date on all the goings-on in the Society. Great webpage organization and great articles & contributions!

  4. This is an amzing blog–more like a newsletter. I love it. Can any member contribute?


  5. I am very happy to see an exchange of knowledge like this!

    I hope to see a lot of you at Orangeville and Awareness Day!

  6. Marsha Eberhardt

    Hello All
    I want to express my gratitude to all the members around the world who have extended their hearts to my family and myself in this time of our loss. Our hearts are sad but I feel deeply supported by the Taoist Tai Chi family. Thank you.
    Marsha Eberhardt

  7. Tommi Whitfield

    SO thrilled to have this opportunity to connect with members far and wide. We are bot even a Branch but a little twig in SC (a subset of Tallahassee) with a very small membership at the moment and not much opportunity to interact.

    Will be in Orangeville for Summer Tai Chi Week – hope to see some of you there.

    Meanwhile – this Blog is a Quan Yin-send!! Many thanks.

  8. congratulations to all…….on the setting up of this blog…….keeping us all informed…..connected…..and giving a greater sense of belonging…..as well as an opportunity to become more aware……….of who we are…..what we do…..and why we do it…………something that the practice of taoist tai chi has…….brought home to me……..a barrow-load of thank-you’s seems really quite appropriate………on it’s way…….with a big smile………from the north-west of Ireland………

  9. Sander Smiles

    Even in the frigid midwestern U.S. in Osceola, Wisconsin, the warm spirit of Taoist Tai Chi is taking place. I was visiting this Midwestern Branch location and participated in a Beginning and Continuing Class. The people were friendly, the tea was hot and the sets were fun. Zero degrees Fahrenheit outside the “Pole Barn” with the snow falling continuously and Roger Mussell, Continuing Instructor, leads a new Beginning Class with 4 new people and 4 Continuing students. One individual even came with a walker and practiced while in a chair. I’m sure Master Moy would have been pleased to see his vision taking place in the heartland.

  10. Anthony Chiu

    Wonderful way of connecting with the Taoist Tai Chi family around the world and a great way of learning further about the Society.

    Anthony Chiu
    Quebec City

  11. Will there be a Taoist Tai-chi Society presence at the yearly Tai-chi Park Jou, Tsung-Hwa festival in Wantage, N.J.? This is a continuation of the Tai-chi Farm and welcomes all Tai-chi practitioners as a sort of family reunion and weekend of workshops.

    I met several Taoist Tai-chi Society members at the old Tai-chi Farm festivals over the years and hope you know it is still going on.

  12. Brad

    Although, desires and anxiety makes much life treasure missing, for myself tai chi is a beautiful and good way to centre.

  13. Very nice blog! Congratulations on turning 40! I have fond memories of the Nanaimo, BC club.

  14. Jan Koene

    It’s great to have a World Wide Blog of the Taoist Tai Chi Organization where everybody can read and comment our growing society. Keep on writing, reading and posting!

  15. Sue Bond

    Have only just discovered this blog, so interesting to hear from folk around the world. Wish I had started Tai Chi at an earlier age, Im 65 now and long to visit Orangeville….not sure I will make it ! Sending you all warm wishes, from Essex, UK.

  16. Jaqi Lodge

    Am away from my home branch for a month caring for my mum.This is a lovely way to feel in touch,thanks

  17. Elaine Shields

    Enjoying the blog. Still on a ‘legal high’ from my first 5 day Workshop. Great class last night 🙂

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