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Celebration of 25 years of Taoist Tai Chi® Arts in New Zealand


Ninety enthusiastic Taoist Tai Chi Society participants from New Zealand, Australia, Czech Republic, Canada and the United States received instruction from Tony Kwong, a senior instructor from Canada, who worked us hard on developing our form. During these programs we all work hard but have a lot of fun getting to know people of different ages and walks of life, sharing our learning of this amazing discipline while gaining health benefits for body and mind. We also held a banquet to celebrate 25 years of the Taoist Tai Chi® arts in New Zealand.

 On Tuesday, March 24, we demonstrated the 108 moves of the Tai Chi set outside Parliament while wearing our red 25-year anniversary t-shirts. Participants handed out pamphlets, spoke to the public and encouraged people to “give it a go”.  A class of happy and intrigued school children joined in and two suit-wearing MPs were encouraged by the society’s national president to do a few moves. The leader of one political party also met us and we had conversations with other politicians as well, telling them about a low-cost way to improve health. There was media coverage before and during the event.


 This is the first time New Zealand has staged such a big public outdoor display. These events are not only about doing Tai Chi but about encouraging understanding of our not-for-profit organization.

Participants in workshops and events get the chance to grow, gain confidence and skills by sharing the organizational tasks, such as planning of meals, banquets, cleaning, billeting, transport, fundraising and displays.  These create opportunities to share the wide variety of organizational roles. There’s always support as we learn new skills. But what really keeps things running smoothly and eases the load is the “eyes see, hands do” philosophy.

Please join us as we continue to celebrate our 25th birthday with another five-day international program in October in Tauranga.

You can watch a video of this event here

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The University of Essex and the Universe of Tao

The University of Essex Student’s Union invited the Taoist Tai Chi Society to join them on campus to celebrate Chinese New Year.

As we celebrate our 45th Anniversary this year the University of Essex celebrate their 50th, which added to the sense of occasion and celebration.

The main squares of the campus were adorned with red lanterns and dotted with market stalls which gave the feel of being in a Chinese market place. There were students of many nationalities and cultures and an atmosphere of festivity, fun, enjoyment and togetherness all adding to a sense of all cultures moving together in harmony. We added our own banners and flags to the colourful surroundings and the pleasant bustle and energy in the square. We felt honoured to help open the celebrations at 9:30am.

In the bright morning sun and sharp cool air we were joined by many people for an open class. Everyone entered into the spirit of the event wholeheartedly, with good humour and we all shared a very enjoyable experience. We were able to reach appear to close entrance together and share information about Master Moy and Taoist Tai Chi® arts. IMG_6254small

The Vice-Chancellor of the University joined us for the first session and intimated that he would like to learn more. We very much hope he will take up our invitation to come and join us at our centre in Colchester.

After mid-day there was a small group doing a dragon dance but they were very inexperienced and welcomed and benefited from the input offered by one of our instructors who has trained with the dragon at our International Centre. If only…

Another one of our instructors was enticed to join a dance session and what a dancer! They did us proud.

Just before we were due for another session there was a gap in the proceedings. The students began to disperse so we quickly organised ourselves for a set to hold their attention. We were soon joined by some brave people who just couldn’t wait to try it out. Then, unfortunately, the rain began to drop and many left for the warmth and dryness of inside. IMG_6203small

However, we were able to encourage a small and hardy group to join us to learn a few moves and something about who we are and what we offer. Again the group was a lot of fun and really gave it there all. We were so impressed by their willingness to learn. As we felt the floor becoming a little slippery underfoot we decided it was time to close but gave out many leaflets and cards.

We had a great time and everyone we met was extremely friendly and helpful and made us feel welcome. What a great advert for the University of Essex and start to this year of the Ram.

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Taoist Tai Chi Society New Zealand Celebrating 25th Anniversary in 2015

image description

New Zealand is celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary this year, and we’d love to see any members of our international family who can visit for our tai chi parties. Branches are planning events throughout the year, but we will also be particularly focusing on the 25th anniversary at our two international workshops. One is being held in Wellington in March and one in Tauranga in October (check it out on our website: We’ll be having banquets, and no doubt there will be cake!

A very special t-shirt is also being produced – it is a reprint of one issued when Master Moy Lin Shin first came to New Zealand to teach a workshop.  Master Moy made two visits to New Zealand and we were privileged that he first came such a long way in just our second year of existence – 1991.  This image is part of that t-shirt.


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Looking back on an eventful year: 20 Demos for the 20th Anniversary in Hungary


As the Year of the Goat approaches and it’s time for reflection on the past few months, it is clear that the year soon to be ended has been one of the most eventful periods in the life of the Taoist Tai Chi Society of Hungary. In addition to the anniversary celebrations, a series of 20 open-air demos was organized nationwide. The demos were held in various cities from late March to mid-December. TTCSH_20_demos_3

The aim was to find locations for the 20th anniversary public demos where people had the opportunity to join in and try out the Taoist Tai Chi® arts. The members and instructors of the Society talked to those interested, answered their questions about Fung Loy Kok Taoist Tai Chi™, shared their own experience, and distributed leaflets in which new beginner’s groups were also promoted.


Events to come were announced on the Society’s website, and short accounts as well as photos of past demos were shared with the public. Participants were largest in number at the demonstration held during our summer workshop: more than 200 enthusiastic people were present.

Beginners regularly tell that they first encountered the Taoist Tai Chi® arts at one of the public demos. This positive feedback encourages us to continue with the tradition of open air events, so that Tai Chi will be made available to as many as possible.

Fotó: Geberle Berci -

You can find a short report (in Hungarian) and a few pictures about all of the demos on the following page: 

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Grand Opening, 15th Anniversary, and International Workshop in Aruba November 22/23


The weekend of the 22nd and 23rd of November 2014 was a very special one for the Taoist Tai Chi Society of Aruba which is celebrating its 15th Anniversary this year. It was the Grand Opening of the new center at Stadionweg 13. A fully renovated center that accommodated its first International Workshop that same weekend.

On Saturday morning a start was made with the International Workshop. Both local members and members from other countries participated in this workshop led by the international Dave Frame and Nicole Morency.

Around noon the official Grand Opening Ceremony took place. As can be seen in the pictures included below, there were the speeches describing the launch and course of the Taoist Tai Chi Society Aruba during the past 15 years, a demo of a Taoist Tai Chi ™ set with an explanation of all its benefits, the blessing of the building with a traditional Chinese Lion Dance and the ribbon cutting at the main entrance symbolizing the Grand Opening of the new center.


While the guests were enjoying a festive drink on the terrace,  the practice hall was temporarily converted in a dining room. Everyone enjoyed a delicious meal and after a (coffee!!) break it was back to practicing tai chi.  Not easy at first after a  full meal on a sunny afternoon, but the pointers and tips given by the international instructors made it worthwhile and everyone was glad to come back the next morning for the second day of the International Workshop.

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Sarasota Florida Location Celebrates 20th Anniversary

The Sarasota, Florida location celebrated our 20th Anniversary on October 24th.  We could not have asked for better weather for this indoor/outdoor celebration.  Representatives of the USA Board, Southeast Regional Management Committee, and other Florida locations were on-hand for the festivities. The community was invited for this happy occasion and there were many new faces. There were continuous Tai Chi sets from 11 am – 1:30 pm outside on our large lawn, and inside, along with a Health Recovery class demo.  Refreshments, including two cakes, were prepared by our own cooking team – in all,  a very happy and successful event!

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St Pete’s 25th Anniversary and Lok Hup Program

Friday, September 19th, 2014, was proclaimed as the Taoist Tai Chi Society Day. The Proclamation was presented and read by St. Petersburg, City Council member, Darden Rice. Barbara Duffy, a founding member of the St. Petersburg Branch in Florida took us down memory lane after a handoff from Pegoty Packman, President of the Taoist Tai Chi Society of the United States of America. 

Ms. Duffy recalled from memory the birth and development of the Society here in the Tampa Bay area. Stops along the way in St. Petersburg include Eckerd College, the original center on 4th Street North, to the rear of the present building, to the whole building.  Master Moy Lin Shin was personally involved with the opening of the Shrine on 4th Street.

 The Friday Anniversary was followed up with a two-day Lok Hup International Program in Dunedin, led by Dr. Karen Laughlin, President of the International Taoist Tai Chi Society.  She humbly reminded us that we are all mere mortals so don’t try to memorize the set in one weekend.

A workshop highlight was the group picture at the Fenway Hotel, the new headquarters of the Taoist Tai Chi Center of the U.S. A.  Over 150 participants attended the workshop. The Kitchen Crew was headed by Sean Dennison and other volunteers, and hosted by the St. Petersburg and Dunedin Branches.


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