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Fun Day in Newport, Wales: April 25th, 2015


Over 50 members gathered together for a fun day at the Western Region Centre in Newport, Wales.

The morning focus was in making the centre beautiful again with a good deal of cleaning. There was also a beginner’s class and a national board meeting at the same time. A delicious lunch of beef in black bean sauce with rice and stir fried vegetables followed.

In the afternoon there was a continuing class for all and Lok Hup practice after that. Energy was high and the mood was happy after a full day of Taoist Tai Chi® arts.

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Toronto Branch Cabaret held at Etobicoke Location on March 17th

Toronto celebrated St. Patrick’s Day on March 17 at our Etobicoke location.  About 70 participants put down their knitting, left their lonely rooms and went to hear the music play at the Toronto Branch Cabaret.

As promised in the words of the song, tables were waiting, there was wine to taste and even green beer. Several of the area’s many skilled instrumentalists entertained us on the violin, piano, drums, — and the alphorn.  Musicians played and sang the classics, the blues, folk songs, show tunes and some of their own compositions.  We danced to the rhythms of our fledgling samba band, were cracked up by the comedic stylings of the ever stylish Chris Lewis, sang along with “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”, and all played a part in the debut of the Toronto Branch Improvisational Body Percussion Orchestra. Thanks to the many volunteers who made this fun fundraiser for the Fenway possible.

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Kick-off first National Seniors Intensive in the Netherlands

ietsjesmeerThe first national senior’s intensive was held in Haarlem last March 3, 2015 and attended by 38 senior- and younger members from all over The Netherlands

The intensive, lunch, and a little activity was organized by the newly formed Seniors Committee in The Netherlands named ‘Ietsjes meer’ (a little bit more). Guideline is to encourage senior and other members to be more actively involved in the Society. The group enjoyed the intensive and a lovely lunch. To spice up the activity a visit to the Dolhuys museum (Psychiatry museum) was organized, and part of the group joined.

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Celebrating Chinese New Year on the West Coast!


The Vancouver Branch, like the other branches in the Pacific Region, welcomed in Chinese New Year on Saturday, February 21st with a fundraising event for the Fenway. Almost 50 attendees enjoyed a Florida-themed potluck dinner, complete with crab cakes and key lime pie for dessert. The evening’s entertainment included trivia, mini-golf and a skit centered on our “Fenway collage,” created by many class participants in the weeks leading up to the event.

The next day, 30 participants from the Vancouver, Surrey and Chilliwack branches converged on Chinatown in downtown Vancouver to walk in the Chinese New Year Parade on a crisp but sunny day. An estimated 100,000 people lined the streets while we walked, brush knee’d, and waved hands through the 1.3 km length of the parade. Many of those watching waved right back at us as we greeted them with the first jong. Such a unique opportunity for a demonstration of Taoist Tai Chi® arts was surely an auspicious start to the New Year on the West Coast!

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Chinese New Year at the Western Region Centre – 28 Feb 2015


Over 70 members and guests were booked in for the Western Region Centre’s Chinese New Year Celebration on Saturday 28th February. Volunteers started arriving at around 11am to help with the cooking, laying of tables and decorating the practice hall. The dinner clashed with the Wales versus France Six Nations match but despite this, the ardent rugby fans among us still came along to celebrate with their tai chi family on the understanding that no-one was to check their phones for the score so they could watch it when they returned home.

Members and guests were treated to sesame, or prawn and sesame, toast, beef and green bean stir fry, chicken and cashew nuts, red Thai curry, and tofu in satay sauce, followed by frozen yoghurt cupcakes and fresh fruit. At the end of the meal there was a quiz, a raffle and a demonstration of the Sword set. Greetings from the branch were given by Jo Domin, from the Region by Dominique Coué, and from the National Board by President of TTCS GB Crispin Barker. The meal raised over £300 for the Fenway project and the raffle added a further £87.

After a fantastic evening, in which everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves, many of the members stayed to wash up and clear the practice hall ready for classes on Monday.

Everyone at the Western Region Centre would like to wish Gong Hei Fat Choy to all our tai chi family around the world. We hope you all have a happy and healthy year of the Goat.

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Atlantic Region Celebrates Chinese New Year

JC Chopping DSC02545

Participants from the Atlantic Region gathered at the Regional Centre in Halifax to celebrate Chinese New Year. The planned week-end event was shortened to one jam-packed day because of an impending storm. The day was filled with Tai Chi practice and instruction. We chanted the North Star Sutra together, a first time experience for some of our participants. Perhaps that is why the chanting seemed to us to have extra power and spirit, and our first-time participants felt uplifted and energized, and all of them wish to continue the practice.

CNY two

A banquet was held in the evening with 56 participants and guests attending. The meal was served in traditional banquet style, one course at a time. The star of the meal had to be the traditional whole fish served to each table: in this case, a large and succulent sea trout. It was very clear that the diners more than appreciated the culinary efforts and expertise demonstrated by our participants who cooked all day so joyfully and fed us so well.

We were privileged to welcome the Nova Scotia Minister of Finance, Diana Whalen and her daughter. Minister Whalen spent a good deal of time happily conversing with people as we made the rounds to wish everyone gong hei fat choi

ACNY onet the end of a very full day and evening, those members who had some hours to drive were sent off to get home safely before the blizzard hit. The local folks stayed behind to clean up, and got everything set to rights in short order –


a perfect ending to yet another joyous time of practicing and working together.


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Chinese New Year at the Wong Dai Sin Temple, Steeles Avenue

The new year was enjoyed by the multinational team from FLKTTCS

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