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Demo at the March Meeting National Parkinson Foundation Buffalo

The Buffalo New York Branch of the TTCS USA demonstrated both the standing and seated Taoist Tai Chi set at the March meeting of the National Parkinson Foundation of Western New York. Seventeen TTCS members and most attendees did the first seventeen moves.

Attendees were very receptive; we have been invited back and can’t wait to do it again!

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Enlivening ceremony Wong Dai Sin Temple on Steeles: Little video clip

A little clip of the Enlivening Ceremony at our Wong Dai Sin Temple on Steeles Avenue.
(In Chinese, follows a short commercial)

Watch Clip >


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Early Bird Set in Dunedin!

Central Region Week in Dunedin: enjoying the perks.

While the people in the actual Central Region in Canada were checking how thick a coat they would need for today’s wintery day, the early birds amongst the participants in the Central Region Program in Dunedin were outside in shirts and light sweaters doing a set together!

A great week well under way!

IMG_1347 IMG_1349

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Tony Kwong in California


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by | December 29, 2014 · 12:13 pm

International Awareness Day 2014 slideshow and videos

Here are several great videos and many, many great photos for you to enjoy, all from our International Awareness Day at Yonge-Dundas Square.


Watch a series of videos from IAD, 2014:


Click here or on the image below to see a slide show from IAD, 2014



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Record attendance at Sabre Workshop and Awareness Day held in Quebec City

You may read the original version in French here, or continue reading the translation below:

A busy weekend ended with a flourish in Quebec City. Indeed, on Friday night 117 participants from as far away as Buffalo, Toronto, Gaspé, Ottawa, Gatineau, Montreal, Saguenay and Rivière-du-Loup came together to learn the Sabre Set. For most of them, it was the first time!

The workshop was led by Blaise Baillargeon, who for those who have been to the International Centre in Orangeville, are used to seeing him busy in the kitchen with a knife in his hand, or by a wok!

As an introduction, Blaise made us practice don-yus and tor-yus which helped us to understand a little different version of  Taoist Tai Chi™, because we have to hold a sabre. How to grasp and handle the sabre, raise it, do a “turn” without tiring the shoulder. How to apply alignment concepts and push from the ground. The importance of a good structure. Throughout these few intense hours, he guided us in a clear and effective manner. On Saturday night, everyone ended enthusiastically by doing three complete Sabre Sets. The last tip of our fantastic instructor: now you just have to keep practicing!

It was the first time a sabre workshop was held in Quebec. And this “first time” was followed by a second one: a Taoist Tai Chi™ Awareness Day was held on Sunday at the Place de l’Assemblée-Nationale, in front of the Fontaine de Tourny. It was a wonderful place to host the nearly 200 participants who did lots of Tai Chi Sets (with and without an umbrella!), invited tourists and passers-by to learn the first movements of the set, and answered their questions.

To top it all off, true to form, the dragon scared away the rain! Our dragon dance was supported by catchy percussion and attracted cameras and reporters and the people waiting to be photographed were pulling his beard, which is meant to bring good luck. A success across the board. Is this the first of many?

Click this link on this link to a report on prime time News at 6 pm by Radio-Canada.

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“Come and try” Taoist Tai Chi™ in the Danish summer


For the second year running the Taoist Tai Chi™ Society of Denmark held a “Come and Try” Taoist Tai Chi™ a few times a week in July and August. More than 200 people have joined us for an hour of Taoist Tai Chi™ in various parks around Copenhagen. The biggest turn-out was 50 participants!

 We got good press-coverage on the event, our press releases were in the local papers, one local paper made a feature article, and we got mentioned on a radio program about “what to do during the summer”. It was good fun for the people who tried Taoist Tai Chi™ for the first time, for the instructors and for the members who turned up to help out.

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