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News about special events at the International Centre in Mono/Orangeville, Ontario.

Finding form and virtues.. with a little help from a Dragon.

Outside the wind blew and snow lay on the ground but there was plenty of warmth found, for 87 participants, in the Danyus and Toryus led by President of Fung Loy Kok, Marsha Eberhardt.


Philomena 114 small

For break times, Pu-errh with cool melon, strawberries, grapes, apple and orange, were carefully prepared by each task group. With three delicious hot meals each day, cooked and prepared in our own kitchen, the dragon inside never went hungry!







Sacrifice – Doing the tasks without expectation of gratitude.

Sacrifice – Doing the tasks without expectation of gratitude.


A new Dragon was assembled ready for Awareness Day 2015 at Yonge-Dundas Square in Toronto.
Booked your flights yet?

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More Photos from the Central Region Program in Dunedin

Some more photos of the Central Region workshop in Dunedin. A few shots of the small group practice. The others are from people eating lunch and enjoying the local Farmers Market in downtown Dunedin.











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Prague Intensive hosted by TTCS Czech Republic, November 22nd


TTCS of the Czech Republic hosted the Intensive on 22nd Saturday in Prague, lead by Robert Szaj from Poland.
IC Praha 052Exactly 70 members from all over Czech Republic gathered to work hard and enjoy intensive tai chi with others. A week before we were enlightened by a thought to find a bigger space than our Clubhouse as more and more people were willing to come.

Finally we managed in a quite short time to rent a gym just 3 minutes walk from the Clubhouse. Still, we fit into the gym accurately. Beside lots of Taoist Tai Chi™  it was a nice language experience of Czech/Polish/English instructing. IC Praha 036We were enjoying lots of sets and don-yus with “smile – uśmiech” instruction as well as with the other Robert’s supportive one “five more…minutes”. We also managed a quick raffle.

The close proximity of the Clubhouse allowed us to keep the original plan – Around 40 people set up the round tables after the Intensive and enjoyed delicious homemade pumpkin soup and loads of amazing homecakes made by members.


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Central Region Program in Orangeville, Oct 25 – 26

A Central Region Program Weekend and Branches Meeting took place at our Orangeville Centre on October 25 & 26. Co-hosted by Peterborough and Ottawa branches, we had record attendance of 170 people! Word must have got out about the talented breakfast crew.

Thank you to the Central Region Management Committee for a wonderful weekend of learning and being grateful. We were led by the dynamic duo of John Balinski and Jim Gazzard. Their clear, simple instruction with tor-yu and don-yu had us laughing and relaxing, and saying ‘thank you’. The opportunity to work in small groups with a seasoned leader was beneficial for both the seeing and the doing.

Two phrases that stood out for me were Relax and Open, and Let It Go, which can apply far beyond just the physical tai chi that we do. At the Branches Meeting on Saturday we discussed the whys and hows around the new donation direction our organization is taking. What do we need to know as instructors and how do we talk to our classes? Much different than a fee-for-service, these arts are taught with the understanding that the culture that Master Moy Lin Shin shared with us is one of giving. We respect and honour this culture by asking for donations and giving people the opportunity to give from their own heart. The discussions and sharing were very heartfelt and a great starting point to filter back to our locations.

It was announced that our usual Central Region Annual Report is going to become part of a larger National Annual Report for 2015, featuring very condensed summaries and photos of the activities of all branches in Canada. This is a wonderful opportunity for local branches to connect with the larger family of FLK TTC in Canada, and to remind ourselves that our individual locations, no matter how small, are a reflection of this larger group to which we all belong and support. We were encouraged to formulate a plan for promotion in 2015, keeping in mind that the number one reason people come through our doors is by word of mouth – which makes perfect sense for an organization that prides itself on its oral traditions.

In terms of Relaxing and Opening we were also encouraged to take that mindset with beginner class scheduling. Let’s be ready for new students whenever they are ready, not just when we’ve planned to receive them on our calendars. Start anytime, come and we will help you learn Taoist Tai Chi™, and much more if you are open to it!

Thank you to all the volunteers who looked after the many tasks of the weekend — really just opportunities to give a little in return for so much.

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Taoist Tai Chi™ weekend Sept 19-21: From a Newbie’s perspective

Smiling faces, friendly greetings, sincere, caring, helpful people, with a sense of well being. This is who you will find at the International Taoist Tai Chi™ Centre beginners’ class. The first weekend accelerated class was held September 19th – 21st.

As you drive up towards the entrance you see statues and flags, several buildings that pique your curiosity, dragons and cauldrons, flowers, and did I mention flags, lots of flags, from several countries. Paths made of different materials, trails to explore, trees, clouds and as you step out of your vehicle: fresh air. There is a sense of sacredness and serenity here.

Even before the first hello is exchanged you feel welcomed.

Arriving for dinner and time to settle into a room allows time for registration before class. A tour of where linens are and directions to the meditation suites are given. Bernice and Sharon are greeters for registration and name tags are distributed.  Before taking one step into the practice hall, Delores, Jane, Mar and so many others gave a mini tour of the centre, sharing their knowledge.

Time for class to commence. Do you remember your first class?

As participants file in creating lines I position myself near the front knowing I will need to hear the instructor. Fortunately, the class had many experienced participants as it became clear early-on that memorizing the 108 moves takes time. Ah, acceptance, a good lesson. I was here for the weekend and was determined to enjoy myself. Let go, breathe, and follow along.

The movement, the silence, the collective consciousness, how beautiful is this! Everyone is a mirror image of each other, reflecting a practice that is tremendously powerful.

After class, some stayed on to continue their practice, some stayed to visit and have a snack. The kitchen is always open and you are invited to help with preparation for meals and clearing and washing of dishes. The honour system is in place, all doors open. How refreshing. Yes, the food is delicious.

I settled in for the night feeling relaxed and energized at the same time. Although I awoke with vivid dreams, I was able to fall back asleep and felt refreshed in the morning and ready for a full day. Chanting in the temple, breakfast, three two hour classes with breaks for meals,and a tour of the property.

Each class offered instruction, repetition, tea, biscuits, fruit and story telling. Lots of laughter, some tears, exchanges of emails and and on Sunday, a raffle. I will wear my tai chi hoodie proudly.

Each person has a story, what brought them to this moment, why they sought out Taoist Tai Chi™ and each story has a happy ending. Each story has a happy ending, did you hear that?

Tai Chi equals equanimity, a connection is made, sublte and transformative.  As you leave, a realization that the journey has just begun and that you will be back. Tranquility stays with you and can be accessed at anytme.

Tai Chi is truly for everyone.

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Finding balance during Health Recovery Week


After all the excitement of CIT week and the intensity of Lok Hup Week, some of us stayed at the International Centre in Orangeville to enjoy a more quiet pace.

We were 18 from Australia, Denmark, Czech, Great Britain, Slovakia, Belgium, New Hampshire, Quebec, Ontario and Vancouver to review the teachings of CIT week and help those who struggle with bigger health issues to apply them in their own Taoist Tai Chi™  arts.

Many of us could experience for the first time foundation exercises and the first moves of the set sitting on a chair or using a bar, which also helped us find our centre and balance while standing.

Dharma, the service dog of one participant, particularly appreciated the breaks, a time for petting, and Helen celebrated her 75th birthday with banana bread.

While some had to leave earlier, others realized they should practice Tai Chi more diligently.

An eye, body, and mind-opening week to remember for all of us.

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CIT Week 2014 Group Photo

_group photo 14

Did you take any memorable photos from CIT week 2014?

Please share them on our SmugMug photo stream for all FLK participants to enjoy!

Use this link to upload your pics:

Password: CIT2014


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