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Intense Smiling and Relaxation: International Intensive in Brussels


40 people from 4 different countries gathered on Tuesday the 5th of May in Brussels to enjoy a truly International Intensive. People from all locations in Belgium were pleased to welcome participants from Buffalo, New York, the Netherlands and Slovakia.

“Smile and relax!” were the main instructions. A longer step in Repulse Monkey helped us stretch further and find more balance and relaxation. During the break we tasted the delicious cakes and pastries that people brought and shared the latest news about our search for a permanent home. Everyone could also discover and buy the Year of the Ram T-shirt.

Good food, beautiful T-shirts, and smiles shared internationally resulted in a successful evening of the Taoist Tai Chi® arts. 



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Belgium celebrates Chinese New Year 2015

We warmed up for the coming evening with a continuing class. As we organized the event in a place where we had to start from scratch, some took care of the decoration, flags, lanterns, while others laid out the tables or put up the screen and video. All went so smoothly that it was soon time to have our dinner.

About 50 people, participants and their families, enjoyed a Chinese meal followed by a delicious fruit salad prepared by members.

We also celebrated our most senior member’s and two other members’ birthdays with three special wonderful lemon, chocolate and cheese cakes. So delicious… Don Yu’s were quickly forgotten!

Time flew and we soon had to tidy up the place, with everyone so happy to have been part of this special moment.

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International Intensive in Brussels 

Over 40 participants gathered on May 6th in Brussels, to attend an International Intensive led by Paul Davies. Many of the participants from Belgium had just attended a recent Health Recovery Workshop in Helmond, so it was an ideal opportunity for them to share  some of their experiences from the week. We took time to work on each foundation exercise and some newer participants enjoyed doing their very first don-yus and tor-yus. During the break, we shared the delicious dishes that everyone brought and gathered to listen to the experiences of those who were in Helmond, including a very interesting conversation about using logos to illustrate the changing of our art of transformation. We just had time to work on brush-knees before saying goodbye. Hopefully there will be another intensive in Brussels very soon, on the 7th of June. During the tea-break, we will hold our Annual General Meeting, to which you are all invited.

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Wintertime Tai Chi in Belgium

The good thing about winter is you have to do more tai chi to keep warm. So on November 30, we all wore our gloves and hats and went out to the historical center of Brussels for a demo. Many passers-by were thrilled by our movements and our glowing bracelets.

DSCN0768The demo was so successful that we decided to repeat it on December 21 in another crowded square of the city center.

The week after, on December 7, we celebrated the end of a very successful year in our main location. Over 60 people from all branches came with plenty of delicious food so we could try the new round tables that one participant made.


The atmosphere was very joyful and reached its climax during the raffle when one participant celebrated her birthday by winning a t-shirt. But the biggest prize, half the price of an International Workshop, was won by a newer participant who will soon be attending her very first workshop.

tirage tombla 07 12 2013

Wintertime is really delightful when you get to do so much tai chi!



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Awareness Day in Belgium

After having joined fellow members in the Netherlands to celebrate  Awareness Day in Helmond on the 7th of September, members in Belgium celebrated their own Awareness Day in Brussels on Saturday the 21st of September, doing demonstrations in the metro stations or just outside, depending on the weather. The group divided into two teams to cover a larger number of stations and, in the end, both groups joined together for a few additional demonstrations in the centre of Brussels. The green-yellow T-shirts caught the attention of the passers-by, some of whom showed interest and enquired about classes. It was a very pleasant way of practising and spreading awareness of Taoist Tai Chi.

AWD métroAwDayParc13bAwDayMetro13

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The same happy faces: Netherlands & Belgium celebrate AWD.

Saturday the 7th of September was the day that members in the Netherlands celebrated their Awareness Day like we did in Toronto earlier this year. The weather a little cooler, no dragon dances and no helicopter but the same happy faces in these green shirts. Some 130 members from the Netherlands and Belgium left our TTCS Centre in Helmond in a colourful parade to the city centre to do lots of sets, to have fun and to make people aware of the arts we practice. At noon we returned to our Centre to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of the Grand Opening of our Centre. We served a very delicious lunch and among the participants were neighbours of the Centre, friends, family and two politicians of the City of Helmond. There also was a demo, a testimonial, live music (Portuguese fado) and again so many happy faces. What a beautiful day but also what a beautiful way.


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International Intensive Held in Belgium

Intensif international 1imageFollowing the International Workshop organised by the Taoist Tai Chi Society of Belgium on January 19 and 20 in Helmond (The Netherlands), we were very pleased to welcome an International Intensive led by Carmen Capilla, on February 5, in Brussels. This was Carmen’s second visit to Brussels but her first visit to lead an intensive. Despite the cold, bad weather, 53 members participated, including 4 from The Netherlands, 1 from France and 1 from Switzerland. There were many beginners and new continuing members among the participants, and the two other Belgian locations, Waterloo and Auderghem (Transvaal), were well represented.

Intensif international IMG_4822It was a bit challenging to fit all these participants in the space but working in harmony in a warm and very friendly atmosphere helped. Participants enjoyed the tea-break, during which they could taste all sorts of home-made preparations offered by members. This was particularly appreciated after a few series of dan-yu’s!

Everyone enjoyed the evening and some were surprised, going back home, to have gained so much energy.

Intensif international IMG_4831

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