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Longer step leading to the next level: IWS in Helmond, May, 2015

2Tony took us on an adventurous journey letting us work on the moves of the set. He helped us to make our step longer and turn and stretch more. He showed us the next level of raise hands and we had great fun working on it ourselves.

On the fourth day we worked on wave hands like clouds and the movement got smoother and rounder. It felt like a perpetual motion.

The participants were eager to learn and had so many questions that Tony limited the amount of questions per session. One question per person! The most asked question was: please show us again.

In the past few months we organized a raffle as a fundraiser for the Fenway International Centre. During this workshop we had the draw and we raised 2500 euros.


We were very lucky that many volunteers helped to make this a workshop to remember.

After lots of hard work it was great to sit down to wonderful meals prepared by the kitchen crew.

Tony has given us an insight of what he has in store for CIT week. We can’t wait!



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New reception area for the Centre in the Netherlands

From now on we can receive all our guests in style, because we have a very nice reception in the entrance hall of the Taoist Tai Chi Society Centre Netherlands in Helmond.

Come and feel welcome too!

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A triple event: 3 Accelerated classes held in the Netherlands

2015-03-19 16.08.42

This weekend we organized three accelerated weekend beginner classes in the Netherlands. In our centre in Helmond and in our clubhouses in Rijswijk and Haarlem we welcomed 126 participants of which 23 real beginners. What a good way to start the Taoist Tai Chi® arts.

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Kick-off first National Seniors Intensive in the Netherlands

ietsjesmeerThe first national senior’s intensive was held in Haarlem last March 3, 2015 and attended by 38 senior- and younger members from all over The Netherlands

The intensive, lunch, and a little activity was organized by the newly formed Seniors Committee in The Netherlands named ‘Ietsjes meer’ (a little bit more). Guideline is to encourage senior and other members to be more actively involved in the Society. The group enjoyed the intensive and a lovely lunch. To spice up the activity a visit to the Dolhuys museum (Psychiatry museum) was organized, and part of the group joined.

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Lok Hup Ba Fa in Helmond, January 14-18th


Under guidance of Marsha Eberhardt, some 184 members from 15 different countries enjoyed the Lok Hup Ba Fa international program in the Centre Netherlands in Helmond.

As she said: you don’t need it, but it is really fun to do. And lots of fun is what we all had by finding our balance and trying to feel the moves.

On Saturday evening we celebrated the Chinese New Year with a banquet. What a delight with such a delicious food, nice music, good stories and wonderful company.

Thanks to you all. 

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A day of Taoist Tai Chi™ and Bingo in Helmond

2014-11-12 15.25.47 resized

Christmas is a time of giving. This idea was very much alive during the Christmas intensive and Bingo in the Centre of Helmond. The atmosphere was there with all the Christmas decorations looking at us from all corners of the practise hall.

We started the day with an intensive with lots of tor-yu’s and brush knees. A wonderful Christmas lunch followed and then the Bingo could start. For months we have been collecting prizes, partially bought with coupons saved by members and some donated by members. So to say it was a Bingo with prizes from and for members.

One of the members, dressed up like a funny character and her lovely assistant were leading the Bingo in a fair and above all very humorous way. Tensions rose when all 40 players were waiting anxiously for that last number to complete the bingo sheet. In the end… everybody went home with a prize and a big smile.

The result of this Christmas day at the Centre was €322 to go to the Fenway project, and a day of harmony and fun.

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Netherlands Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Taoist Tai Chi™

25 years ago, Taoist Tai Chi™ started in the Netherlands. We celebrated this milestone during a 5-day workshop with a celebration lunch on Friday, the 19th of September. The new mayor of Helmond, Mrs. Elly Blanksma – van den Heuvel welcomed all 244 program participants from 18 countries but she also welcomed the Alderman of Health, four City council members and the former mayor who attended the celebrations as a friend of the society. There was also a welcome for the local members and friends who joined just for the celebration.

We enjoyed the speeches, the fantastic food, a moving testimonial and great music. But most of all there was the realization of what a special gift Master Moy gave us by making these arts available to all of us. The last 25 years are just the beginning.

The workshop was led by Andrew Hung, and one of the things we worked on was the constant coiling of the arms and hands. We all realized that we have a life-time commitment to these arts because we are still changing into better, healthier, happier version of ourselves. And this change won’t stop as long as we keep practising the Taoist Tai Chi™ Arts.

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