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Celebrating Chinese New Year on the West Coast!


The Vancouver Branch, like the other branches in the Pacific Region, welcomed in Chinese New Year on Saturday, February 21st with a fundraising event for the Fenway. Almost 50 attendees enjoyed a Florida-themed potluck dinner, complete with crab cakes and key lime pie for dessert. The evening’s entertainment included trivia, mini-golf and a skit centered on our “Fenway collage,” created by many class participants in the weeks leading up to the event.

The next day, 30 participants from the Vancouver, Surrey and Chilliwack branches converged on Chinatown in downtown Vancouver to walk in the Chinese New Year Parade on a crisp but sunny day. An estimated 100,000 people lined the streets while we walked, brush knee’d, and waved hands through the 1.3 km length of the parade. Many of those watching waved right back at us as we greeted them with the first jong. Such a unique opportunity for a demonstration of Taoist Tai Chi® arts was surely an auspicious start to the New Year on the West Coast!

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Chinese New Year at the Western Region Centre – 28 Feb 2015


Over 70 members and guests were booked in for the Western Region Centre’s Chinese New Year Celebration on Saturday 28th February. Volunteers started arriving at around 11am to help with the cooking, laying of tables and decorating the practice hall. The dinner clashed with the Wales versus France Six Nations match but despite this, the ardent rugby fans among us still came along to celebrate with their tai chi family on the understanding that no-one was to check their phones for the score so they could watch it when they returned home.

Members and guests were treated to sesame, or prawn and sesame, toast, beef and green bean stir fry, chicken and cashew nuts, red Thai curry, and tofu in satay sauce, followed by frozen yoghurt cupcakes and fresh fruit. At the end of the meal there was a quiz, a raffle and a demonstration of the Sword set. Greetings from the branch were given by Jo Domin, from the Region by Dominique Coué, and from the National Board by President of TTCS GB Crispin Barker. The meal raised over £300 for the Fenway project and the raffle added a further £87.

After a fantastic evening, in which everyone seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves, many of the members stayed to wash up and clear the practice hall ready for classes on Monday.

Everyone at the Western Region Centre would like to wish Gong Hei Fat Choy to all our tai chi family around the world. We hope you all have a happy and healthy year of the Goat.

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Fung Loy Kok has opened the doors to a new temple on Steeles Avenue!


The doors are officially open at the Wong Dai Sin Temple, and the shrine enlivening will take place on Monday February 2nd at 3.30PM.

Click here to view the invitation and location details





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Pictures from the Fenway: Central Region Program Jan 14 – 18

FullSizeRender 3

The view of our newest home, the Fenway International Centre, taken from a boat tour of the coastal islands offshore from Dunedin on Sunday, January 11th.

More Tai Chi at the Fenway from this Thursday morning. We will be there again bright and early in Friday and On Saturday morning as well I hear!

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Early Bird Set in Dunedin!

Central Region Week in Dunedin: enjoying the perks.

While the people in the actual Central Region in Canada were checking how thick a coat they would need for today’s wintery day, the early birds amongst the participants in the Central Region Program in Dunedin were outside in shirts and light sweaters doing a set together!

A great week well under way!

IMG_1347 IMG_1349

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St. Nicolaus comes to the Taoist Tai Chi™ centre in Bratislava


St. Nicolaus has become a tradition in our centre in Bratislava. This year on December 6th he came to us a third time. Every year more and more children come to see him.  This is a very good opportunity to open our centre to relatives, so they can come and join us.


There was a mix of ages and a lot of fun and the centre was full of life and energy. Children were running, playing, singing and making paper Christmas trees. Of course when St. Nicolaus came all the children were quiet. It was very nice to see their faces with big eyes looking at him and the angel.

DSC_0056Of course the devil didn’t come because all of the children have been good the whole year. Each one got sweets from St. Nicolaus after they sang or said a poem. Well, some of them did so.  I have to say that St. Nicolaus had a very hard job, because most of the children were a bit nervous when he arrived. But at the end each child came to him and said something and of course got the sweets. Even some adults 🙂

It was a wonderful day full of laughs.

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One good charity helps another: our European Centre supports Colchester Food Bank


During December, several hundred people who practise Taoist Tai Chi™ at the European Centre in Colchester kindly collected and donated tinned food, packets of pasta, biscuits and various items of traditional Christmas fare to support the great work of the Colchester Food Bank.

Colchester Food Bank is a charity operating in the Colchester area and part of the Christian charity the Trussell Trust, who are committed to community action against poverty and marginalization in the UK and Bulgaria. The food we collected will be shared out with elderly, poor and homeless people.

 Julie Ruisiecki, secretary for Colchester Food Bank was warmly received by local branch President, Moira Jackson and other members when she arrived to collect the food. Many boxes, beautifully wrapped in festive paper, and adorned with greetings were handed over. So many in fact that Julie had to make a second collection and delivery. She was surprised and delighted with the quantity and presentation.

We know that from the good feeling and lifting of spirit that Taoist Tai Chi™ gives to those who practise it, a natural wish to help others arises.

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