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International Workshop at Southern European Center, November 29 – 30th

Greetings from the Southern European Center in Madrid. This weekend we are holding an International Workshop lead by Andrew Hung. Nearly 100 people from 10 different countries are enjoying the teachings from Andrew: shifting the weight, looking for the center, keeping eye-level. The good food allows us to work very intensely. Don’t you wish you were here?




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International workshop in Slovakia, Oct 18 -19

TTCS of Slovakia hosted 2 day workshop in Bratislava on October 18 – 19. The workshop was led by Marsha Eberhardt. We welcomed 184 participants from many countries – Switzerland, Italy, Ireland, Sweden, England, Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic.

 Our location started to fill Friday afternoon. Seniors cooked wonderful Thai soup for incoming participants. They welcomed each other, sat around rounded tables, drank tea and talked till late evening.

The program started Saturday morning in a school gym nearby. We divided into small groups where people worked together on their Tai Chi and discussed some topics. Groups had also tasks as cleaning, preparing refreshment and tea, serving food and washing dishes, so organization of the workshop ran very smooth.

Because of the great number of participants, lunch and dinner were served in 2 places at the same time – in our club and in a restaurant, which is in the same building. This worked very well and we were able to eat without long breaks.

 We had an interesting experience during Saturday evening session.  The lights went out during one of our Tai Chi sets, so we found ourselves almost in the dark. But fortunately no panic and screaming occurred. People stayed peacefully together in harmony movement, enjoyed the extraordinary moment and continued with the set while the lights gradually started to work again.

 The breakfasts were prepared and served in our location. More than 40 members slept there, so it was pretty lively during the weekend. Moreover, Sunday morning after breakfast we did chanting there. This was a powerful moment. Massive sound filled the whole space and started us for upcoming practice. Then we continued in gym and program finished with lunch at 2pm.

 Many people said this was the best workshop yet in Slovakia. It was definitively our biggest event yet. We did a lot of work, learned a lot and had a lot of fun.

 And yes, of course we did a lot of don-yus and tor-yus 🙂

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A Magical Night of Taoist Tai Chi™ in Oslo, Norway

photo 1

The long summer evenings are over and the long dark evenings quickly emerge upon us. On the 25th of September the Taoist Tai Chi Society of Norway, together with thousands of citizens of Oslo, celebrated equinox. On this particular evening all the electric lights were turned off along the Akers River in Oslo, and were replaced with thousands of torch lights.  About 40 000 people took part in this year’s cultural event along the river in order to experience live music, dance, fakirs, light installations and Taoist Tai Chi™ arts.

photo 2

Several members of the Taoist Tai Chi Society Norway participated in this year’s celebration. We decorated the surrounding trees and a sculpture we stood on with Chinese lanterns. We performed amongst torch lights and wood fires. Dressed in white trousers and dark tai chi T-shirts we demonstrated some of Master Moy Lin Shin’s traditions including the set, the foundation exercises and the Sabre set. During the 3-hour demonstration we received much interest. Lots of people passing by stopped to have a look and many were interested in receiving information about the Society and what we offer. A few people enthusiastically joined in.

Practicing tai chi under a clear starry night sky surrounded by flames, lots of Chinese Lanterns, in front of a large but quiet crowd made this a truly magical night for us all. We are already looking forward to taking part in next year’s ‘Elvelangs i Fakkelys’. In the mean time, we will be practicing indoors and inviting all those who are interested to join us in experiencing the wonderful health benefits of Taoist Tai Chi™ arts.

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Aruba celebrates Awareness Day with an Open House

On Saturday morning September 27th the Taoist Tai Chi Society Aruba celebrated Awareness Day together with quite a lot of visitors, since the public had been invited to join us on this special day, at our completely renovated Center at Stadionweg 13.

It was a non-stop tai chi practice event! Demos were given constantly. Demos by all the members; demos by the instructors; by instructors and set leaders…. a rotation of a variety of demos, including one of Lok Hup. The only interruption was the free introductory class for our visitors. And even this class was concluded with a section of the set being practiced by our visitors joined by our members.

Throughout this Open House information about the physical and mental health benefits of Taoist Tai Chi™ was given. Any other questions were answered by our members and additional information, for example, the class schedule and registration was available at our info booth. It was certainly a successful Open House!

We are hoping that next time you will also join us! Come and visit your home-away-from-home!

Participate in our International Workshop and celebrate our Grand Opening, both happening during the weekend of the 22nd- 23rd of November. That is soon! Visit our website for more information and register now!

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Autumn Moon Banquet in Costa Rica

Enjoying ourselves with an exquisite banquet, more than 70 members of the Costa Rica Taoist Tai Chi Association celebrated the Mid-Autumn Moon Banquet last Saturday, September 13th. Our MC was Liseth Weigelt, a 24-year-old young woman diagnosed 10 years ago with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, who has been practicing Taoist Tai Chi for the past 2 years, gaining lots of benefits for her physical health and wellbeing. After spending 5 hours preparing 300 won tons for the banquet with two other members she was on her feet for another 5 hours MC ing. After starting her Taoist Tai Chi on the floor as she was too weak even to sit, and her contribution was a pure joy to experience.

AMB Tine (4)Many new members received the opportunity to learn more about diligent practice, responsibility and propriety when she shared the legend of Chang-O, entertaining everybody with beautiful images of the story, one of the most important holidays in Chinese communities around the world. Tales of mooncakes and the Jade rabbit followed before a beautifully scripted and managed links to testimonials from Marielos and Fransisco and illustrated sections on our help with families in need in the community and the development of our three new satellite locations. We had 12 new members from Tibás alone, for their first Banquet.

Autumn Moon 2014 (58)The special guest table included Mr. Rafael Gamboa, the building owner; Mrs. Roxinia Arguedas, our accountant and Dr. Ricardo Sáenz, Rheumatologist, who came with his young daughter. Dr. Sáenz has been frequently referring people to the arts without knowing who we were, but aware of the benefits of practicing Taoist Tai Chi arts. In gratitude to this selfless recommendation to his patients we wanted to receive him as our special guest for the night.

Starting with Indonesian prawn crackers and 3 different won ton varieties made by three Club members, DJ, Katherine, and Liseth, we opened the menu and relished the flavors of a great Chinese dinner.

The music came along with three Club members: Phillip Reed, guitar; Dimas Barrantes, voice and harmonica; and DJ Gonzalez guitar with a very sweet melodic voice (I guess that three was our lucky number for the evening!)

During the banquet we shared stories, images and videos about CIT Week & International Awareness Day, also about our next big new International Centre project, The Fenway! It was an opportunity to remind all the attendants of the many ways we can be involved in its development, showing that when we come together, we practice more than 108 moves and we can make this is an opportunity to keep offering the arts for future generations to come.

Without a doubt…a lovely evening!

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When Ancient Art met Ancient Arts in Great Britain

IMG_6208Sunday 14th September 2014 dawned cool and misty and breezy, as members from across the south of England (Chiltern branch, South Wales branch, and one hardy traveller from London branch) gathered on a hillside in Oxfordshire, wearing the Taoist Tai Chi Society of Great Britain’s year of  the horse T-shirt. Their destination, the Uffington White Horse, situated on the upper slopes of White Horse Hill in Uffington,  Oxfordshire,  emblazoned on their chests. The band of 20 cautiously approached the ancient monument, a highly stylized prehistoric horse, 110 m long (374 feet), formed from deep trenches filled with crushed white chalk, first setting up a camp half way up the hill, down in a dip, doing a couple of sets, and getting ready for the climb.

Approaching the horse means losing sight of it, as you climb the steep path, to come out near the horse‘s head. Though in photographs the top of white horse hill looks relatively flat, it’s oddly steep and uneven, So when the group began the first set, it was even slower and even more considered than usual. Bemused onlookers trying to make sense of the ancient art they had come to see found themselves captivated by the ancient art of tai chi, as the 20 moved together as one through a series of sets.


During a brief lunch break at ‘base camp’, the call came in that at 2pm there would be a flypast by two more members in a light aircraft to get some nice aerial photographs.

Gathering back up at the summit, the group lay down along the horse‘s neck, forming a mane which could be seen from the passing plane. The excitement was palpable, the onlookers astonished as the plane circled twice and the members rose to do a couple of full Tai Chi sets as the plane waved its wings and faded into the distance.

We decided then that there was no way we could leave without paying a visit to dragon hill, so we carefully made our way down the steepest part of the escarpment, then back up and onto the flat(ish) topped hill for a set. We all agreed that it would be great to have the dragon dance on dragon hill!

Definitely time for tea-break, so we headed off to the local tea rooms for cream teas and a well earned sit down!

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St Pete’s 25th Anniversary and Lok Hup Program

Friday, September 19th, 2014, was proclaimed as the Taoist Tai Chi Society Day. The Proclamation was presented and read by St. Petersburg, City Council member, Darden Rice. Barbara Duffy, a founding member of the St. Petersburg Branch in Florida took us down memory lane after a handoff from Pegoty Packman, President of the Taoist Tai Chi Society of the United States of America. 

Ms. Duffy recalled from memory the birth and development of the Society here in the Tampa Bay area. Stops along the way in St. Petersburg include Eckerd College, the original center on 4th Street North, to the rear of the present building, to the whole building.  Master Moy Lin Shin was personally involved with the opening of the Shrine on 4th Street.

 The Friday Anniversary was followed up with a two-day Lok Hup International Program in Dunedin, led by Dr. Karen Laughlin, President of the International Taoist Tai Chi Society.  She humbly reminded us that we are all mere mortals so don’t try to memorize the set in one weekend.

A workshop highlight was the group picture at the Fenway Hotel, the new headquarters of the Taoist Tai Chi Center of the U.S. A.  Over 150 participants attended the workshop. The Kitchen Crew was headed by Sean Dennison and other volunteers, and hosted by the St. Petersburg and Dunedin Branches.


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