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Sharing more than 108 moves in Costa Rica

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If Taoist Tai Chi™ was just about 108 moves, what would be the point of offering a demo?  But, you know, there is so much more that is involved when we share a demo.

     To the outside observer, at the beginning, we are just a bunch of happy, smiling people, dressed alike, that practice some movements that are allegedly going to make you feel good both physically and mentally. But when you take a closer look, if you keep training your eyes you´ll have the chance to marvel at the power of these internal arts for health because within minutes you will be able to see a change on people´s faces –  going from tired and concerned to relaxed and enjoying that moment of life.

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     In the past few weeks, we were invited to participate in several different demos, invitations that came from people that had heard, here or there, that Taoist Tai Chi™ could help. We shared with many groups; a Women´s Heart Clinic, Fibromyalgia patients at a Pain Clinic, a Stress relief workshop, and a Senior´s Day celebration at a community Health Clinic. We were also invited to celebrate World Arthritis Day, where two of our members, Marielos Murillo and Liseth Weigelt, offered impressive testimonials in which they talked about their own experience and how the practice of our arts gave them back a sense of enjoying life, and how not to be defined by a label describing a health challenge; this way both were able to build a powerful connection with the attendants.

     Last, but not least, we attended a cultural celebration at a primary school near our main Centre in Heredia, sharing a few minutes of tai chi with the toddlers; it’s quite an amazing experience.

     In two of the demos, we followed latin dances (which were fast and loud), so people were too tired (if not exhausted) to practice tai chi standing on their feet. This lead us to begin seated, and after a few minutes people began to feel better – happier, more relaxed and energized.

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     But a demo is not just a gift for others. It touches all the members that open their hearts to be involved. One of the stories we have heard about Master Moy is one where he tells a group of members,  “Don´t think you are doing this for yourself, you are doing this for humanity”. We can apply this principle to each demo and share tai chi with people that can benefit greatly from its practice just as we do. In this process, when we put aside our own needs and go talk to others, we start understanding what it means to be more than 108 moves. In that process our health improves, our ego diminishes, and for sure we can do our part to build better communities and societies one demo at a time.

Join the next demo at your club, you´ll have fun!

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Autumn Moon Banquet in Costa Rica

Enjoying ourselves with an exquisite banquet, more than 70 members of the Costa Rica Taoist Tai Chi Association celebrated the Mid-Autumn Moon Banquet last Saturday, September 13th. Our MC was Liseth Weigelt, a 24-year-old young woman diagnosed 10 years ago with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, who has been practicing Taoist Tai Chi for the past 2 years, gaining lots of benefits for her physical health and wellbeing. After spending 5 hours preparing 300 won tons for the banquet with two other members she was on her feet for another 5 hours MC ing. After starting her Taoist Tai Chi on the floor as she was too weak even to sit, and her contribution was a pure joy to experience.

AMB Tine (4)Many new members received the opportunity to learn more about diligent practice, responsibility and propriety when she shared the legend of Chang-O, entertaining everybody with beautiful images of the story, one of the most important holidays in Chinese communities around the world. Tales of mooncakes and the Jade rabbit followed before a beautifully scripted and managed links to testimonials from Marielos and Fransisco and illustrated sections on our help with families in need in the community and the development of our three new satellite locations. We had 12 new members from Tibás alone, for their first Banquet.

Autumn Moon 2014 (58)The special guest table included Mr. Rafael Gamboa, the building owner; Mrs. Roxinia Arguedas, our accountant and Dr. Ricardo Sáenz, Rheumatologist, who came with his young daughter. Dr. Sáenz has been frequently referring people to the arts without knowing who we were, but aware of the benefits of practicing Taoist Tai Chi arts. In gratitude to this selfless recommendation to his patients we wanted to receive him as our special guest for the night.

Starting with Indonesian prawn crackers and 3 different won ton varieties made by three Club members, DJ, Katherine, and Liseth, we opened the menu and relished the flavors of a great Chinese dinner.

The music came along with three Club members: Phillip Reed, guitar; Dimas Barrantes, voice and harmonica; and DJ Gonzalez guitar with a very sweet melodic voice (I guess that three was our lucky number for the evening!)

During the banquet we shared stories, images and videos about CIT Week & International Awareness Day, also about our next big new International Centre project, The Fenway! It was an opportunity to remind all the attendants of the many ways we can be involved in its development, showing that when we come together, we practice more than 108 moves and we can make this is an opportunity to keep offering the arts for future generations to come.

Without a doubt…a lovely evening!

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