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St Pete’s 25th Anniversary and Lok Hup Program

Friday, September 19th, 2014, was proclaimed as the Taoist Tai Chi Society Day. The Proclamation was presented and read by St. Petersburg, City Council member, Darden Rice. Barbara Duffy, a founding member of the St. Petersburg Branch in Florida took us down memory lane after a handoff from Pegoty Packman, President of the Taoist Tai Chi Society of the United States of America. 

Ms. Duffy recalled from memory the birth and development of the Society here in the Tampa Bay area. Stops along the way in St. Petersburg include Eckerd College, the original center on 4th Street North, to the rear of the present building, to the whole building.  Master Moy Lin Shin was personally involved with the opening of the Shrine on 4th Street.

 The Friday Anniversary was followed up with a two-day Lok Hup International Program in Dunedin, led by Dr. Karen Laughlin, President of the International Taoist Tai Chi Society.  She humbly reminded us that we are all mere mortals so don’t try to memorize the set in one weekend.

A workshop highlight was the group picture at the Fenway Hotel, the new headquarters of the Taoist Tai Chi Center of the U.S. A.  Over 150 participants attended the workshop. The Kitchen Crew was headed by Sean Dennison and other volunteers, and hosted by the St. Petersburg and Dunedin Branches.


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Taoist Tai Chi™ in St. Petersburg, Florida: For Health and a Healthy Yard!



St. Petersburg Taoist Tai Chi™ Center, 2007

Late this summer the St. Petersburg Florida Branch was honored to receive three awards for its natural-scaped yard and garden: just in time for its 25th Anniversary celebrations. With all the great news about the Fenway Center blooming out of the Dunedin Branch you could say that celebration was a real growth industry for in the Tampa Bay area in September!

When the Branch moved into their new location on Dr. Martin Luther Jr. Street North near central St. Petersburg in 2007, the yard was a pretty dismal sight. Under the leadership of then President Jean Swantish, the Branch Council and Patty Callaghan, chair of the Gardening Committee, the membership jumped in and got to work in tidying up years of neglect. Numerous “Weeding Days” took place and before long things began to come alive. But all the while members were very mindful of the need to respect the surrounding environment and the decision was taken to investigate how best to adopt a natural gardening approach, called “xeriscaping”, to move forward in a harmonious and balanced fashion.

That’s where Bill Bilodeau of the Pinellas County Native Plant Society came in. After fundraising the required funds, the Branch was able to follow Bill’s inspired direction and in 2009 replaced species that were not flourishing with Florida native plants, shrubs, and other vegetation that would be water-wise, attract pollinators and continue to propagate in a sustainable fashion. To further help achieve that vision of sustainability and naturalness that is the Taoist way, the well on the property was deepened and a low-volume drip irrigation system was installed.

Five years in (and after tons of hard work and mulch!) and the results are dramatic as evidenced by the awards by the City of St. Petersburg and Pinellas County. Not only was the Taoist Tai Chi™ Society named as the 2014 City Beautification Award winner, we also received the Community Water-Wise Award and a Gold medal for Florida-Friendly Landscaping from the County and the University of Florida.

As the City of St. Petersburg award states:

The Society demonstrates the use of sustainable concepts for reduced reliance on water, fertilizer and pesticides as well as an interesting use of native plants in both form and location and a landscape that is evolving and improving over time, with an unhurried spirit.

Taoist Tai Chi™. It works in the garden, too!

florida-2St. Petersburg Taoist Tai Chi™ Center Today


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Shrine Enlivening and Program Windsor and USA, September 13-14

Goon Yam Shrine Enlivening and Program the weekend of September 13th and 14th 2014 at Windsor, Ontario, Canada location was well attended with many participants from USA and Canada, and hosted by Windsor, Sarnia, Ohio, and Mid-West USA locations.   Shrine enlivening was directed by Jim Nicholson and Program was lead by Tony Kwan.  Participants enjoyed a lively program of Taoist Tai Chi™ with lunch and dinner prepared by a team of participants and volunteers from multiple locations.


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New England Location Program September 6 – 7

town hall

During the weekend of September 6 – 7, 43 participants traveled from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, and other parts of New Hampshire to the Exeter, NH, Town Hall to improve their practice of Taoist Tai Chi™ internal arts of health and share in the welcoming community of the New England Location of the Taoist Tai Chi™ Society.

Oren Fader provided instruction and guidance on don-yu and tor-yu over the two days, and also shared information and insights about the culture and goals and objectives of the Society.

We were expecting crisp autumn weather for the workshop and got it on Sunday.  However, Saturday’s weather was summer’s last gasp of heat and humidity, which only reinforced all the warmth we were feeling in our bodies and spirits from practicing tai chi all day and into the evening.

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“Taoist Tai Chi™ Society to hold open house” – article in Tallahassee Democrat

(You may also read the story here)

Sue Ebbers 2:29 p.m. EDT August 29, 2014

Being healthy is really important to me — as it is to many of my fellow Tallahasseeans.

But it seems in our Western society, “healthy” can be increasingly based on taking medication — often lots of it. I am a hearty endorser of the right medication and I know that medication can and does save lives. However, I am equally convinced that a good amount of medication, prescribed and over-the-counter, is often only about addressing symptoms rather than the real problem. We often look for quick fixes to feel better, but they don’t typically solve the problem.

There are other ways to address health issues — in collaboration with medical doctors, and sometimes instead of them. I have found that in Chinese medicine, and particularly in practicing the Taoist Tai Chi™ Internal Arts, that these practitioners work to address the root cause of medical problems.

These challenges are often due to such contributing factors as living lives that lack balance and having circulation that is blocked by stress and poor structural alignment. Taoist Tai Chi™ is often not the fast way to address health challenges, but because it tends to address the true causal factors of an issue, the problem often disappears or becomes manageable with far less medication.

Almost eight years ago, I followed my husband in taking a beginning class at the Taoist Tai Chi™ Society on Thomasville Road, and I have continued my Tai Chi practice to this day. I have seen amazing things happen there — to me and to others — and I have heard of amazing things that have happened to others all over the world to those who have persisted in what is called the “dual cultivation of mind and body.” It is for those reasons that I persist.

What have I seen? A woman who no longer has to take heart medication. Another woman – over 60 — with two herniated disks who now is as flexible as a 40-year old. An elderly man who is able to flexibly move what used to be a frozen shoulder. A woman getting taller as she ages. People with MS, Parkinson’s, strokes, traumatic brain injuries — the list goes on — whose lives have been significantly restored because of a series of 108 specific, continuous movements that are designed to work with the body as a system to achieve better health.

Through diligent practices of these 108 moves over time, I have found my Type A personality has become almost a Type B+! Because of my work in Taoist Tai Chi™, I can actually relax, even during stressful times.

There are moments where I feel so connected to life, because I am so much more connected within myself. And as I get older, I know that with Tai Chi I have the best shot at remaining flexible, balanced and healthy.

True change typically doesn’t happen overnight. Turning the clock back on one’s health issues takes time and diligence. Like water over rock, the rounding of edges takes time. But the results I have seen and experienced have convinced me that the Tai Chi can address the root causes of problems, not just the peripherals.

If you’re interested, I hope you will join me at the society’s next open house from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday at the National Center, 2100 Thomasville Road. During the open house, you will learn how to do some Tai Chi, experience brief lectures on specific impacts of Tai Chi on your health, take a tour of the center and get a taste of this amazing art.

At 1 p.m., stay and join us for a free vegetarian meal (called a “jai”). Consider signing up for a beginning class – they all begin between Sunday and Sept. 13. You’ll be making a modest investment and potentially reaping phenomenal dividends. I hope to meet you there.

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Denver’s International Program features fitness, friends, food & fun!

Sunshine, personalities, and art sparkled in Denver, Colorado June 21-22 as 70 people gathered at an International Program with Tony Kwong and Sean Dennison. Attendees travelled from several states across the U.S. to receive instruction: Alaska, Arizona, California, Florida, Iowa, Montana, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, and Virginia. The packed weekend included:

  • Excellent instruction from Tony
  • Many karaoke don-yus featuring lovely harmonies
  • Enlightening small-group practice sessions
  • Fresh, healthy cuisine made on-site
  • Plenty of time to see old friends as well as make new ones
  • Wonderful meals prepared by dedicated volunteers (did we already mention the food?)
  • Chanting of the Ching Mei Lai Dau Foh (Pure and Refined Ceremony Honoring the Dippers) Taoist chant using a newly-installed video screen

During a break, Executive Director of TTCS USA, Sean Dennison, and President of TTCS USA, Pegoty Packman, announced the Society’s purchase of the the Fenway building, a new international centre and project in Florida. They displayed pictures and maps of the beautiful property and answered group questions about future plans. The group also celebrated Tony’s upcoming 70th birthday with a cake and more singing. After the program, members took Tony to view the world-renowned Chihuly glass sculpture exhibit at the Denver Botanic Gardens—a fitting, artistic end to a wonderful weekend of Taoist Tai Chi™ arts that buoyed spirits and strengthened bodies.


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