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Taoist Tai Chi Society represents at Congress of Women in Krakow March 7th

On Saturday March, 7th we took part in Congress of Women in Krakow in Conferencing ICE Centre. It was a big event gathering more than 1000 people – mainly women – from Krakow and other cities.

Around 45 participants came to spend the day in the ICE Centre – during the whole day (from 11am till 6pm) we organized a couple of demos and 3 open classes. We had a big space so 30 people could easily do the set at once.  Not many people decided to join the open class, but there was always a big group watching us when doing the set. And many people came with the questions about the Taoist Tai Chi® arts, the classes and to take the leaflet from our stand.

About the event:

There were a few exhibitions of Krakow artists presented: paintings, drawings and photography. Also 13 different discussion panels were organized with specialists from different areas: politicians, journalists, doctors, scientists, academic professors/doctors, psychologists, dieticians, trainers etc.  Each panel was of different subject: business, media, social workers, feminism, legal matters, and health (in which we took part). Our panel was led by a famous Krakow journalist and apart from heart, cancer or diet problems also tai chi was presented. The speech about the health and social benefits that come from practicing tai chi was done while a small group of 4 was presenting the piece of the set to the big audience.

The whole day was very successful!



W sobotę, 7 marca, wzieliśmy udział w Kongresie Kobiet – imprezie zorganizowanej w Centrum Kongresowym ICE w Krakowie. Bylo to duże wydarzenie, na które przyjechało ponad tysiąć osób – w większości kobiety z całej Polski.

Około 45 taichmenów spędziło dzień w centrum kongresowym – w tym czasie zorganizowaliśmy kilka pokazów I 3 zajęcie otwarte. Mieliśmy do dyspozycji dużo przestrzeni, dlatego wszyscy taichmeni mogli zaprezentować wewnętrzne sztuki Taoistycznego Tai Chi. Wielu uczestników kongresu przyglądało się nam w czasie pokazów, przychodzło zadawać pytania dotyczące tai chi oraz zajęć, wziąć ulotkę z naszego stoiska.

Kilka słów o kongresie: w jego ramach odbyło się kilka wystaw krakowskich artystów, można było podziwiać ich obrazy, rysunki, fotografie. Uczestnicy mogli wziąć udział w 13 różnych panelach dyskusyjnych, na których różne zagadnienia były rzwijane przez specjalistów z różnych dziedzin: polityków, dziennikarzy, lekarzy, naukowców, psychologów, dietetyków. Każdy panej to zagadnienia z różnych dziedzin: biznes, media, prace społeczne, feminizm, zdrwoie (w tym panelu wzięliśmy udział).

W czasie tego wykąłdu-dyskusji poza zaprezentowaniem tematów dot. chorób serca, raka, dermatologii, dietetyki, zostały przedstawione korzyści zdrowotne Taoistycznego Tai Chi, a grupa 4 taichmenów zaprezentowała licznej publiczności fragment ciągu.

Dzień był bardzo udany – świetnie się bawiliśmy!


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Taoist Tai Chi™ weekend Sept 19-21: From a Newbie’s perspective

Smiling faces, friendly greetings, sincere, caring, helpful people, with a sense of well being. This is who you will find at the International Taoist Tai Chi™ Centre beginners’ class. The first weekend accelerated class was held September 19th – 21st.

As you drive up towards the entrance you see statues and flags, several buildings that pique your curiosity, dragons and cauldrons, flowers, and did I mention flags, lots of flags, from several countries. Paths made of different materials, trails to explore, trees, clouds and as you step out of your vehicle: fresh air. There is a sense of sacredness and serenity here.

Even before the first hello is exchanged you feel welcomed.

Arriving for dinner and time to settle into a room allows time for registration before class. A tour of where linens are and directions to the meditation suites are given. Bernice and Sharon are greeters for registration and name tags are distributed.  Before taking one step into the practice hall, Delores, Jane, Mar and so many others gave a mini tour of the centre, sharing their knowledge.

Time for class to commence. Do you remember your first class?

As participants file in creating lines I position myself near the front knowing I will need to hear the instructor. Fortunately, the class had many experienced participants as it became clear early-on that memorizing the 108 moves takes time. Ah, acceptance, a good lesson. I was here for the weekend and was determined to enjoy myself. Let go, breathe, and follow along.

The movement, the silence, the collective consciousness, how beautiful is this! Everyone is a mirror image of each other, reflecting a practice that is tremendously powerful.

After class, some stayed on to continue their practice, some stayed to visit and have a snack. The kitchen is always open and you are invited to help with preparation for meals and clearing and washing of dishes. The honour system is in place, all doors open. How refreshing. Yes, the food is delicious.

I settled in for the night feeling relaxed and energized at the same time. Although I awoke with vivid dreams, I was able to fall back asleep and felt refreshed in the morning and ready for a full day. Chanting in the temple, breakfast, three two hour classes with breaks for meals,and a tour of the property.

Each class offered instruction, repetition, tea, biscuits, fruit and story telling. Lots of laughter, some tears, exchanges of emails and and on Sunday, a raffle. I will wear my tai chi hoodie proudly.

Each person has a story, what brought them to this moment, why they sought out Taoist Tai Chi™ and each story has a happy ending. Each story has a happy ending, did you hear that?

Tai Chi equals equanimity, a connection is made, sublte and transformative.  As you leave, a realization that the journey has just begun and that you will be back. Tranquility stays with you and can be accessed at anytme.

Tai Chi is truly for everyone.

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Denver’s International Program features fitness, friends, food & fun!

Sunshine, personalities, and art sparkled in Denver, Colorado June 21-22 as 70 people gathered at an International Program with Tony Kwong and Sean Dennison. Attendees travelled from several states across the U.S. to receive instruction: Alaska, Arizona, California, Florida, Iowa, Montana, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, and Virginia. The packed weekend included:

  • Excellent instruction from Tony
  • Many karaoke don-yus featuring lovely harmonies
  • Enlightening small-group practice sessions
  • Fresh, healthy cuisine made on-site
  • Plenty of time to see old friends as well as make new ones
  • Wonderful meals prepared by dedicated volunteers (did we already mention the food?)
  • Chanting of the Ching Mei Lai Dau Foh (Pure and Refined Ceremony Honoring the Dippers) Taoist chant using a newly-installed video screen

During a break, Executive Director of TTCS USA, Sean Dennison, and President of TTCS USA, Pegoty Packman, announced the Society’s purchase of the the Fenway building, a new international centre and project in Florida. They displayed pictures and maps of the beautiful property and answered group questions about future plans. The group also celebrated Tony’s upcoming 70th birthday with a cake and more singing. After the program, members took Tony to view the world-renowned Chihuly glass sculpture exhibit at the Denver Botanic Gardens—a fitting, artistic end to a wonderful weekend of Taoist Tai Chi™ arts that buoyed spirits and strengthened bodies.


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International Program in Rome, May 17 – 18, 2014


The International Program in Rome, Italy on May 17 – 18, was great!

We were more than one hundred, from 13 different countries.

Marsha Eberhardt led it, and once more it has been a nourishing and entertaining weekend: we worked a lot and had fun (and too much food!); could we long for more?

Also, we celebrated a Grand Opening. Actually, we called it a Small Opening, because the new club in Rome is quite small: nevertheless, we had the chance of giving a public demo, doing the ribbon cut and enjoying refreshments, sharing the event with many members and a “Lady Major”, a local Authority, who was enthusiastic, curious, and interested in the Society activities, so that she will represent a good “official” reference from now on (which is always so important!).

We are happy that these events keep planting seeds that will grow and make it possible to bring Taoist Tai Chi™ arts to an increasing number of persons.
Thank you Marsha, thank you all in the Society, and thank you Master Moy, without whom we would not be here!

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“25 Sets for 25 Years” in Helmond

25 years ago, Taoist Tai Chi™ arts were introduced in the Netherlands. To celebrate this, we organized a big open house in the TTCS Centre in Helmond. And why not show the people what we are doing? So some 150 members showed up to work together by decorating the centre, hosting the guests, cooking two delicious meals and doing 25 sets in a row. This was about 6 ½ hours of non-stop Tai Chi Sets- one for every year that we have been active in the Netherlands! On a big TV screen the numbers of the sets were shown and the last set was accompanied by (digital) fireworks. It was a very pleasant day, with a great atmosphere and the many visitors got a good glimpse into what we do. This week, two beginner classes are starting at the Centre for those who don’t want to miss the next celebration. Hip hip hurray!

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Taoist Tai Chi™ arts Flash Mob in Halifax

On Thursday June 19th, close to 30 Halifax area participants descended on a busy downtown intersection at lunch time. Starting with Paul Heale and gradually accumulating people as the set went on, we amazed the on-looking crowd! It ended with cheers and laughter. Victoria Park  is a beautiful spot on a sunny afternoon and we expect this to become a regular event over the  summer.


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Recovering From Surgery With Repulse Lizards

At a hospital in Mexico, after major abdominal surgery, there were two or three tubes draining things out of my body and an IV dripping things in…. Perhaps it was a relatively easy surgery but with stitches all the way up my belly, I was weak and a bit frightened. The nurses encouraged me to get out of bed, to try to walk.

I stood up and held the IV pole firmly, careful not to twist the bag of input-fluid. There was a small bag hanging beside my chin, and I had to support it with my other hand. But I made a sort of sling to hold it up so I could have a free hand. Another bag collected urinary output. It was on the floor at the bottom of the IV pole, dragging along when I moved, big and heavy. My hospital gown flapped open at the back. I was not ready to walk down the hall this way.

The stitches up my belly were bound firmly with a good Mexican swaddle-wrap, the kind they use for babies. That’s reassuring – at least I could be sure I wasn’t really going to burst open, even if that’s how it felt.

Walking was difficult, but it had to be done; this sewn up body had to function again. I remembered the foundations of my Taoist Tai Chi™, remembered the Tor-Yu. This will work, I told myself. And so I stood in the middle of my room, holding the IV pole, and placed my feet carefully. Forty-five degrees for the back one, straight ahead for the front one. I pushed from my back foot, gently-gently now, slowly, and felt the muscles of my wounded belly move diagonally. “Gently,” I told myself, “Be careful.” I leaned onto that front foot, squaring my hips. That wasn’t so bad, I told myself – now go back. And I pushed from the front, pushed my body back, feeling the movement as my torso turned, that gentle pull across the stitches. Felt my legs working, helping to put the blood up and around.

After several days, I was allowed to go home. Not home to Canada – I couldn’t fly until the stitches were removed – but to my Mexican home, where my daughter would take care of me until I could travel. I lay in bed much of the first few days, then sat outside on the patio where there was more space, where there was warm air and sunshine, and shade when I needed it. My body began to heal. To encourage it to function better, I did Tor-Yus every morning, feeling as weak and wobbly as a baby kitten.

One afternoon my daughter went out to the market for more fruit, and while she was away I tried to devise a way to loosen up my insides, to massage that solid pillar of abdominal re-arrangement. An internal massage was what I needed. A belly massage. As I tried out a different tai chi movement, I kept my eyes focused on a small lizard perched in the sunshine on the edge of the fountain. I turned my foot to 45 degrees and stepped forward in a Brushed Knee, to feel the massage running diagonally up and across my abdominal muscles. The lizard kept his eyes firmly focused on me, as I advanced toward him. And so I turned my body, first in one direction, then in the other. Four Brush Knees. Four abdominal massages. The lizard blinked slowly and raised his chest high, lifting up on his front legs, alert to the advancing menace here in his courtyard.

I let the lizard have his territory. I retreated, Warding Off Monkeys, and massaged my wounded belly in a different direction as I headed backward. The lizard sank down into the sunshine, secure in his territory. We did this dance together several times, the lizard and I. I advanced and retreated, warding off lizards in the Mexican sunshine.

My doctor was astonished at how quickly I was recovering, and I told him my secret. “A Bellyful of Tai Chi.”

– Laurie Lewis, Kingston Branch





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