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Lok Hup Ba Fa in Helmond, January 14-18th


Under guidance of Marsha Eberhardt, some 184 members from 15 different countries enjoyed the Lok Hup Ba Fa international program in the Centre Netherlands in Helmond.

As she said: you don’t need it, but it is really fun to do. And lots of fun is what we all had by finding our balance and trying to feel the moves.

On Saturday evening we celebrated the Chinese New Year with a banquet. What a delight with such a delicious food, nice music, good stories and wonderful company.

Thanks to you all. 

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Christmas in Colchester: Taoist Tai Chi™ participants celebrate the holidays at the European Centre

IMG_5982 copy

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…” sang Bing Crosby as over eighty members arrived at the European Centre in Colchester last Saturday for the annual Christmas lunch. Greeted by a delicious glass of Fruity Fenway Xmas Pu-erh Punch, tropical palm trees, the twinkling Christmas tree and the deities looking on, the scene was a perfect example of cultural exchange.

The food preparations had begun in advance with various classes chopping vegetables in their tea breaks and a growing team in the kitchen. As one member later commented, “In how many other organizations would you find the directors, presidents and manager in the kitchen cooking the food for everyone?” And they did a fantastic job with roast chicken and chipolatas for the carnivores and buckwheat veggie nut roast for the vegetarians along with potatoes, carrot and swede mash, peas, brussel sprouts with chestnuts and of course lashings of gravy. After we spent a little time digesting, the desserts were wheeled out and everyone dug into Upside-Down Key Lime Pie and mincemeat tart with custard.

IMG_6138 copy

A call had been put out asking for people interested in entertaining the crowd during an open-mic session and thankfully a few brave souls had signed up. Steve from Chiltern branch led the acts on guitar with a range of festive songs and some classic rock and folk numbers that the crowd sang along to.  Helen from Cambridge played a number of impressive Christmas tunes on her saxophone, despite having only been practicing for six months. Director Kate Mitchell then joined Steve with her recorder for some more beautiful music and singing.

During the lunch each table had also been debating a series of questions as part of the Christmas Quiz. Did you know that Oliver Cromwell banned Christmas in the 1640s? Or that mistletoe is not a plant but a parasite? And Father Christmas has his own postcode in Canada – HOH OHO? The winning table was awarded the surprise privilege of singing a few songs and they rose mightily to the challenge, as did most of the audience.

As with all of our events, the best part was saved until the end – the clean-up. And in excellent spirits everyone mucked in and had the place looking spick and span within no time.

The lunch was not the only event of the weekend, however, two Branches, Mid-Essex and North East Essex, also hosted a Friday night intensive led by Paul Davies, Sam Masters and a number of enthusiastic group leaders. The focus was on the don-yu and tor-yu, working on the connection with the feet and pushing up from the ground. There were lots of concentrated faces and smiles as people found new connections and deeper understandings. The well-deserved tea break included both Branches’ AGM’s, each completed in less than five minutes. A record we believe.

IMG_5997 copy

All in all it was a wonderful weekend with the efforts of so many people enabling us to come together and practice the Taoist Tai Chi™ Arts and chanting as well as the arts of food, drink, music, quizzing and cleaning and of course fundraising – for the Fenway both through the meal and a raffle.

Merry Christmas, seasonal best wishes and a Happy New Year to you all with love from the Taoist Tai Chi Society in Great Britain.

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Open Door in Warsaw, Poland Oct 15th


On Wednesday, October 15th, the Warsaw branch of TTCS in Poland had a great pleasure to welcome 53 guests at Open Door. All together along with members, over 90 people participated in the activities conducted by two regular instuctors: Mariola and Zosia. We were also honoured of the presence of the district head of the Social Affairs and Health Department – Mr. Miroslaw Starzyński.

His warm words and a great kindness for the Society helped to overcome shyness and encourage all guests to join exercises.

 After more than one hour of practice, during which we familiarized new people with Taoist Tai Chi Society, we invited everyone to a hot meal. None of the springrolls were left and we still had time to practice a bit more.

The Open Door was once again a great proof of how strong Master Moy Lin Shin’s teaching are and how important it is to work together in harmony.

We would like to thank all the members for their commitment, starting from the preparation of the leaflets, through active participation in many demos and encouraging people to come to the Open Door, preparing posters in the windows of the club, cutting the vegetables, wraping spring rolls, cleaning the clubhouse and taking good care of our guests during the event, so they could feel warm and friendly atmosphere.

 Our eyes and mouths kept smiling through the whole day. Our joy is even greater now, because the very next day several new people, who came to Open Door, joined a beginner’s class.

In Polish language:

W ostatnią środę w naszym ośrodku na Miedzianej odbył się Dzień Otwarty. Ponad 90 osób w tym 53 gości miało okazję uczestniczyć w zajęciach poprowadzonych przez instruktorki: Mariolę i Zosię.

Szczególnie uradowała nas też obecność pana Naczelnika Mirosława Starzyńskiego, którego ciepłe słowa i ogromna życzliwość dla Stowarzyszenia pomogła przełamać nieśmiałość i zachęcić wszystkich gości do wspólnego ćwiczenia.

 Po ponad godzinnym ćwiczeniu, w trakcie którego przybliżyliśmy nowym osobom nasze Stowarzyszenie zaprosiliśmy wszystkich na ciepły poczęstunek. Żadna sajgonka nie ostała się na talerzu. Po jedzonku poćwiczyliśmy wspólnie jeszcze dobre pół godziny.

 Dzień Otwarty to po raz kolejny wspaniały dowód na to jak silne są nauki Mistrza Moy i jak ważne jest to, abyśmy działali wspólnie w harmonii. Dziękujemy wszystkim członkom za ich zaangażowanie, począwszy od przygotowania ulotek informacyjnych, poprzez liczny udział w wielu pokazach i zachęcanie osób do przyjścia na Dzień Otwarty, przygotowanie plakatów informacyjnych w oknach klubu, krojenie warzyw, zawijanie spring rolls, wymuskanie klubu i zaopiekowaniu się naszymi gośćmi w trakcie wydarzenia, tak, aby mogli poczuć przyjazną atmosferę.

 Bardzo cieszymy się z naszego wspólnego sukcesu, widać to w naszych uśmiechniętych oczach i buziach.

Radość nasza jest tym większa, że już następnego dnia na zajęciach grup początkujących pojawiło się kilkanaście nowych osób z Dnia Otwartego.

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