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Netherlands Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Taoist Tai Chi™

25 years ago, Taoist Tai Chi™ started in the Netherlands. We celebrated this milestone during a 5-day workshop with a celebration lunch on Friday, the 19th of September. The new mayor of Helmond, Mrs. Elly Blanksma – van den Heuvel welcomed all 244 program participants from 18 countries but she also welcomed the Alderman of Health, four City council members and the former mayor who attended the celebrations as a friend of the society. There was also a welcome for the local members and friends who joined just for the celebration.

We enjoyed the speeches, the fantastic food, a moving testimonial and great music. But most of all there was the realization of what a special gift Master Moy gave us by making these arts available to all of us. The last 25 years are just the beginning.

The workshop was led by Andrew Hung, and one of the things we worked on was the constant coiling of the arms and hands. We all realized that we have a life-time commitment to these arts because we are still changing into better, healthier, happier version of ourselves. And this change won’t stop as long as we keep practising the Taoist Tai Chi™ Arts.

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