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1-Day Intensive in Red Deer, Alberta, March 28 2015

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Red Deer, Alberta, part of Canada’s Western Region held a one day intensive March 28, 2015. We had 43 participants registered and many came from out of town, Saskatchewan, Edmonton, and Calgary, to name a few places. We held our Annual Branch Meeting after a wonderful potluck lunch and then continued to do Tai Chi. A great time was had by all, good to see many old and new friends.

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2015 International Program, Kuantan Malaysia


We have just returned to Great Britain after an unforgettable time in SE Asia where we were lucky to take part in the Malaysia International Program. The program started early in the morning of Saturday, March 7th, with a photoshoot of all participants wearing matching workshop t-shirts.

There were 90 participants over the course of the two days. A couple from USA, 1 from Canada, 29 from Australia West coast and 6 from the UK while the rest were local members.

Tony Kwong led the workshop and it was wonderful watching him being able to instruct in his first language. As we worked in small groups, Tony worked with two Malaysian women, instructing them in the moves so they could show others. I loved watching his relaxed manner with them and how amazing for them to be able to take instruction directly from Tony.

Tony worked us hard during the course of the two days. On day two, new participants joined us and we continued working on foundation moves and the opening moves of the set, right up to 5 wave hands. It was very sad to say farewell to our new found friends, what a fantastic workshop and how much we learnt under Tony’s expert guidance.

What really struck me was how lucky we are in the UK and Europe. Almost every week there is an intensive within an hour driving distance. I have the choice of attending programs at home and those within a couple of hours flight away; the folk from W Australia had flown for 5 hours and told us it was quicker and more economical than attending a program in their own country, Brisbane. The total membership for Malaysia is roughly the same as in our branch in SEE and it will be two years until the next program held there, whereas I am able to choose between several workshops all within easy travelling distance.

On Sunday evening, after the program ended, we sailed up-river in powered motorboats to see the fireflies darting from one side of the river to the other, their electric light flashing before us. We visited an old tin mining town and ate amazing local dishes. Early one morning we rose to watch the sunrise from the top of a mountain and visited an elephant sanctuary; watching orphaned and injured elephants enjoying their daily dip in the river.


The next workshop is planned for 2017, with an optional tour, hopefully into the Taman Negara National Park. We cannot recommend it highly enough and would like to thank our Malaysian friends for organising such a memorable workshop and tour. We’ve made new friends from the other side of the world; what a fantastic opportunity and how insightful of Master Moy to realize how important this is to our well being and understanding of others. Our gratitude is to him and the legacy he has left behind.

Hopefully we’ll meet again in 2017, maybe you’ll be there too. Thank you.

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Atlantic Region Celebrates Chinese New Year

JC Chopping DSC02545

Participants from the Atlantic Region gathered at the Regional Centre in Halifax to celebrate Chinese New Year. The planned week-end event was shortened to one jam-packed day because of an impending storm. The day was filled with Tai Chi practice and instruction. We chanted the North Star Sutra together, a first time experience for some of our participants. Perhaps that is why the chanting seemed to us to have extra power and spirit, and our first-time participants felt uplifted and energized, and all of them wish to continue the practice.

CNY two

A banquet was held in the evening with 56 participants and guests attending. The meal was served in traditional banquet style, one course at a time. The star of the meal had to be the traditional whole fish served to each table: in this case, a large and succulent sea trout. It was very clear that the diners more than appreciated the culinary efforts and expertise demonstrated by our participants who cooked all day so joyfully and fed us so well.

We were privileged to welcome the Nova Scotia Minister of Finance, Diana Whalen and her daughter. Minister Whalen spent a good deal of time happily conversing with people as we made the rounds to wish everyone gong hei fat choi

ACNY onet the end of a very full day and evening, those members who had some hours to drive were sent off to get home safely before the blizzard hit. The local folks stayed behind to clean up, and got everything set to rights in short order –


a perfect ending to yet another joyous time of practicing and working together.


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25 Things to do When You Visit Dunedin, Florida

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The first five day Central Region Workshop in Dunedin, Florida just wrapped up on Sunday. Rumor has it we can anticipate an encore in January 2016, with likely several other special events including banquets and programs in Dunedin before then.

The consensus is in and it seems there is overwhelming enthusiasm hailing from Alaska to Florida and many points in between regarding plans for us to put down deeper roots in Dunedin. Hopefully at least as many Fung Loy Kok participants as have visited the International Centre in Mono, Ontario (Orangeville) will one day pay a visit to our second international center at the historic Fenway hotel in Dunedin. If you are considering making the journey, here are some suggestions to help you get the most out of your visit:

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1)  In downtown Dunedin, just five blocks from the Fenway Taoist Tai Chi International Center, visit the many unique shops and then have an ice cream, beverage or meal of your choice. There’s something to suit every palate.

2)  Visit Dunedin’s popular “Green Market” in the downtown every Friday and Saturday till 2pm. Much more than just produce, this farm market features artisans, green products, unique teas and many other delicacies and delights.

3)  Attend a class at the Dunedin Taoist Tai Chi Centre; for the moment still located on Main Street two miles from downtown, but soon at the centrally located Fenway Center. Check the local branch website for further news about upcoming programs and special events.

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4)  Take a stroll and bird watch along quiet Victoria Drive from the marina at the end of Main Street (at the Best Western) to Weaver Park. How many species did you spot on the docks, waves, palm trees and shoreline within a mere six blocks? How lucky our we all to have an oceanfront lawn like this now too at the Fenway?

5)  Catch the Toronto Blue Jays in training at the Florida Auto Exchange Stadium just two blocks from the Fenway. Or when it’s not spring training season, check the schedule for the Dunedin Blue Jays.

6)  Though off the usual beat and path, locals recommend Homeplate for some freshly made homestyle cooking; its just one of several dining options in the ballpark neighborhood a couple of blocks behind the Fenway. FullSizeRender 9

7)  Watch the radiant sunset from the front porch of the Fenway. Practice your Taoist Tai Chi® arts in the fresh ocean air here and you’ll be radiant too. Anyone up for a sunrise set?

8)  Don’t forget to take your own “karate kid” photo posing on a post that once supported the Fenway’s private pier and perhaps will again in the future.


9)  See pods of wild dolphins up close and get a guided boat tour of the offshore islands and celebrity homes. If you go on a sunset cruise, bring an extra layer; the ocean breezes can be a little chilly after the sun goes down. Check the Internet or visit the marinas in Dunedin and Clearwater to investigate options. FullSizeRender 12

10)  Enjoy live music with your lunch or dinner at many pubs, breweries and restaurants around town including gourmet options Bon Appetit (at the marina) and the Living Room (downtown).

11)  Whether from a pier, private vessel or fishing charter, try some deep sea angling. I hear there’s some good fishing down here in January… ice free!! Stop by the Olde Bay Café & Dunedin Fish Market for the catch of the day and a chat with Walt about the marine life “under the dock” at the marina.

12)  Rent a bicycle from Dunedin Cyclery, Energy Conservatory or Wheel Fun Rentals and enjoy Dunedin’s plentiful bike lanes and paths including the renowned, paved, level, motorized-traffic free walking and cycling path, the Pinellas Trail, and take in the ocean views. It passes right through downtown and just half a block inland from the Fenway! FullSizeRender 7

13)  Stop and enjoy some of the many parks along the way. Did you pack your picnic lunch?

FullSizeRender 4

14)  Try some Dunedin style “bar hopping” on board the vintage trolley cars or stop along the Pinellas trail to try the trail front cafés.

15)  Explore Dunedin’s roots at the Celtic Shop of Dunedin along the Pinellas Trail near downtown and the Dunedin Historical Museum located in the former train station. What more can you discover about the Fenway’s interesting history?

16)  Tour the Dunedin Brewery. No newcomer to the microbrewery trend, it’s the oldest craft brewery in Florida, but by no means the only place to try a unique brew in town.

17)  Antiquing anyone? Dunedin offers many options for treasure hunters of the vintage variety. Start downtown and inquire from there.

FullSizeRender 8

18)  Shopped out the downtown? Check out the Westfield Countryside Mall just 10 minutes drive from the Fenway. Find all your favorite cross-border shopping destinations within an easy drive in the Bay Area.

19)  The cinema at Westfield Countryside has 12 screens and is just one of 4 movie theaters within 15 minutes of the Fenway. There are a dozen more within 30 minutes, several of which have 20 screens or more. When did you last watch a movie you really wanted to see on a truly big screen?

20)  Take a thirty minute side trip to St. Petersburg and visit the Dali Museum. Call or email the local Taoist Tai Chi club to see if there is a class happening on the museum’s architecturally acclaimed plaza with its stunning views of the marina and airport. FullSizeRender

21)  Feeling artistically inspired? Get connected with the local arts scene by visiting the Dunedin Fine Arts Center as well as the many downtown galleries and studios.

22)  Take the bridge over to Honeymoon Island and explore the beaches and hiking trails in the state park.

23)  Catch the Ferry from Honeymoon Island to Caladesi Island and work on your tan on one of the most beautiful natural beaches in the entire USA; afterwards, limber up with some tai chi and a gentle hike on the adjacent nature trails.

24)  Rent a kayak (or stand-up paddle board) and explore Caladesi Island’s kayak trail.

25) Pinellas county has many other renowned beaches. Which one will you be doing tai chi on next?

Whether you’re a local, snowbird or recent first-time visitor, do you have more suggestions to add to this list? Know where to sample the local citrus? Explored some other worthwhile side trips in the area? Found the perfect park bench for resting or reading? Have a favorite activity or eatery to recommend? Which of Dunedin’s many Festivals throughout the year should we visitors try to catch? Submit your recommendations to blog@taoist.org


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International Program, Prague: the first European program in 2015

Traditionally, the first weekend after Xmas holiday has been devoted to IWS in Prague, Czech Republic. Considering previous few years we nearly have got a record this January as 197 members came from all over Europe and Canada to enjoy doing Taoist Tai Chi™ with Marsha Eberhardt. What’s more, five of our friends from Ukraine managed to come, and the participants welcomed them with a warm applause, which was very emotional.


After weeks spent calling and visiting different schools to find a proper gym suitable to welcome around 200 members with good food nearby, we finally found a paradise….a school just next to the subway, not far from our clubhouse and hostel, where all stuff was smiling, nothing was a problem, the gym was slightly over 400 m2, and meals surpassed school kitchen stories. IWS_Praha_2015_002The only tiny issue was the extraordinary weather with extremely strong wind resulting in 24 hours drum based concert caused by mechanical slapping ventilators located along the gym. Maybe it was meant as training for our concentration. Anyway, the search for the gym as well as organizing of this workshop was a nice example of working together in harmony.

The whole weekend passed quickly, peacefully but intensely. Beside lots of don-yus and tor-yus we learned a lot about the virtues, dedication of Master Moy, and to smile, of course. Thank you, Marsha.




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Lok Hup Ba Fa in Helmond, January 14-18th


Under guidance of Marsha Eberhardt, some 184 members from 15 different countries enjoyed the Lok Hup Ba Fa international program in the Centre Netherlands in Helmond.

As she said: you don’t need it, but it is really fun to do. And lots of fun is what we all had by finding our balance and trying to feel the moves.

On Saturday evening we celebrated the Chinese New Year with a banquet. What a delight with such a delicious food, nice music, good stories and wonderful company.

Thanks to you all. 

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Holiday Fun at Pleasant Hill, California (San Francisco Bay Area Branch)

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